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If you want to hear the actual conversation watch the second video.

Listening to these videos you would have thought that Francesa had spent $4.4 Million and found out that it was fake. This is why nobody likes Mike Francesa. He asks all these stupid questions and then he reads the article which he should have read in the first place. Then he yells at the SCP auction guy, because he supposedly hasn’t done his research? You just read the article two minutes ago. Your not a Authenticator and neither is he so give him a break. How can someone answer a question when you won’t let them talk? You want to authenticate that Mike Francesa is an asshole? Just listen to his show for two minutes. That should be authentication enough for anyone.



Cool video and one of best marketing campaigns by Pepsi yet. I’m not sure if this will help Kyrie Irving overcome the fact that he’s on the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it’s a start.

Tim Tebow has recently taken his whole Christian good boy campaign to a whole new level. First he has issued cease and desist orders to multiple companies demanding that they stop producing t-shirts with what his lawyers are saying is his “likeness”, even though some of the shirts have no image of Tebow. Here is one of the examples in question.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything that represents Tim Tebow’s likeness in this shirt. Unless Tebow and his lawyers actually believe that he is Jesus, I don’t know what they hope to achieve here. Now Tebow has demanded that a picture taken backstage on Broadway with 4 woman be removed from Twitter due to his “image”. My question now is, does that make Tim Tebow’s image fake? I mean if that was really his image wouldn’t he not have posed for that picture? If that was his image, wouldn’t he have looked a little uncomfortable? He looks pretty comfortable to me. I’m just saying that maybe the image that Tebow has portrayed up to this point isn’t really his real image after all. Who knows? Hey Tim, if you don’t want your picture to end up on Twitter next time, don’t take it. Simple.

What does Antonio Cromartie’s wife do when she suspects that he is cheating on her? What any other sane woman would do, fake her own suicide. Simple. I mean she did have a legitimate concern about Cromartie cheating on her since he does have 10 kids with 8 woman, but faking your own suicide on Twitter is probably not the way to go about it. Not to worry though, Terricka said that she was exercising her 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech. I doubt that she even knows the name of all her step children, never mind the Constitution.


I can’t tell whether Ricky Williams has had too many concussions or he is just super high. I get where he is coming from in terms of how the NFL handles concussions. But he’s missing the whole point. If you get a concussion and can still see straight you don’t run back onto the field and don’t tell anyone just because you’re going to see your witch doctor on Monday. You sit out. That is the connection Ricky. You play football then you’re going to hit your head. A concussion is a blow to the head. Link. So instead of listening to science which is the new “deity” of culture we should listen to Ricky Williams? So he is the new “deity”? I’m lost. Maybe he doesn’t feel any effects because he retired a few times and didn’t take years of a consecutive beating. Memo to NFL players: If you don’t want to suffer the effects of concussions smoke a bunch of weed, retire a couple of times, sleep in a tent for a while, and be a deadbeat dad. That should take care of your problems.


It seems like for a second Amar’e forgot that he had fouled out, and then he remembered. But at least this is a sign that he is learning something from Carmelo. Have a nice summer Amar’e. Nice sportsmanship asshole.

The answer to the question posed in the title would be absolutely not. The answer could be yes if you’re a stalker or don’t want to go on a second date, but anyone in their right mind would never do this. It’s bad enough that your stuck up in the nosebleeds with these other two guys, why would you make a sign that draws attention to how weird you are. The guy with the beard is definitely texting B to 36929.


Some of the absolute worse base running I’ve ever seen. Props to this kid for knowing that the Dodgers have no idea what they are doing out there. I’m guessing that there was nobody on first since this dude was telling James to go back to third, but James has to know better than that. Running on an infield pop-up? Amateur. And what’s up with field dad filming like a foot from the plate? Back up before you take a foul ball off the head. Your not filming a documentary, it’s a little league baseball game. I bet this is one of those leagues where everyone gets the same size trophy at the end of the year.


Why is this kid even on Jeopardy? I know that he is probably incredibly smart in other categories, but if you don’t know then don’t answer the question. I know that they may have not shown the picture right away but there’s no excuses in Jeopardy because Alex doesn’t play that shit. Instead of that question they should have gone with one like this that better describes Eli Manning-

Who is this New York quarterback who always has a remedial look on his face and recently appeared on SNL?


I bet that Kevin would have absolutely nailed that one. Who is Mark Sanchez?


This is how you gotta coach your team. Just keep knocking down the best player on the team to show the rest of the players that nobody is getting off easy. So what does he do? Just levels this chick in practice. It’s partially her own fault since she was just going so much harder than everybody else, running at top speed. You want to go that hard than don’t be surprised when your weave is laying on the ground. The next girl was so shook that she didn’t even catch the first pass. Mission accomplished.

P.S.- Is lingerie football the only sport where they were more clothing is practice than in the actual game?