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What does Antonio Cromartie’s wife do when she suspects that he is cheating on her? What any other sane woman would do, fake her own suicide. Simple. I mean she did have a legitimate concern about Cromartie cheating on her since he does have 10 kids with 8 woman, but faking your own suicide on Twitter is probably not the way to go about it. Not to worry though, Terricka said that she was exercising her 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech. I doubt that she even knows the name of all her step children, never mind the Constitution.



Great move by the Greg Schiano and the Buccaneers here. A true feel good story in a time where those are becoming harder and harder to find. Great to see that Eric LeGrand is having his dream of being signed by an NFL team. On top of that this is still a better signing than anyone that the Jets drafted.

Did people think that Tim Tebow was going to receive a standing ovation from the crowd at Yankee Stadium? It doesn’t help that he was sitting next to D Wade who had just beat the Knicks earlier in the day, either. I hate that the NY media is playing this like Tim Tebow needs to win over the fans of New York type of thing. There were people cheering for D Wade and Tebow both. It’s a fact that Giants fans will hate Tim Tebow no matter what he does. Fans at Yankee Stadium will boo anyone for no reason. And some Jets fans don’t want Tebow. Maybe they booed him because they are sick of hearing about him over hyped by the media  and seeing him on the cover of every newspaper in town.  You add up all those people in New York and that equals a majority who are probably going to boo Tim Tebow. It’s not a surprise. Is it going to be breaking news when Tebow gets booed at Metlife when they play the Giants? C’mon.

Nike has filed a lawsuit against Reebok and the company which owns it, Adidas. The lawsuit claims that Reebok didn’t have the rights to make Tebow jerseys since they are no longer under contract to produce the jerseys. In a nutshell Nike is basically pissed that Reebok had every able hand in some third-world country pumping out Tebow jerseys as fast as humanly possible. Lets be realistic here. If this was some other player we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. But Nike knows that if someone went out and bought a Reebok Tim Tebow jersey, they damn sure aren’t going out to get a Nike Tim Tebow jersey next week. To make everything right in the world, Nike wants Reebok to pay them what is probably going to be a boat load of money. They also want all the jerseys to be destroyed, which is what I believe should be done with all Tim Tebow jerseys anyway.

P.S.- If you’re wondering why Reebok made Peyton Manning jerseys with no problem it’s because Peyton probably gave them permission to use his name on the jersey, while Tebow told Reebok that they could not use his name.

Anyone who says that the Jets are not the biggest attention whores of the NFL are probably a Jets fan. How can the Jets even let Tim Tebow have this press conference? Do they not realize that this is going to give every media outlet in New York, and the world for that matter, 10x more ammo when the inevitable QB debate happens? The first time Sanchez f****’s up everyone is going to be calling for Tebow to be the starter. Did none of the Jets staff watch what happened in Denver. Do they really want billboards plastered all over the city calling for Tebow to replace the QB who they just gave a huge extension to? It doesn’t even matter if the talk about Mark Sanchez is justified or not. You’re undermining your whole franchise first by signing Tebow, then by giving him this press conference. Just ridiculous. For the Jets management to say that this trade was a “football move” is just stupid. You wanted a circus, you got one. Lets just hope that the elephant doesn’t step on Sanchez and crush him. And by elephant I do mean Rex Ryan.

The QB controversy is already beginning


This may be the first lie that Tim Tebow has ever told. Especially since he has made it clear that he wants to take Sanchez’s job. Hey Tim don’t feel bad, nobody respects Mark Sanchez.


The Jets never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. How many teams in the NFL do you think don’t read contracts that are sent to them? One, the Jets. And maybe the Raiders too, but that’s a different story. Did the one person on the Jets staff who is somewhat literate pick up the contract, see 6 zero’s, and say that’s too much? I mean how did this whole thing go down. I know that this is the NFL and huge money is thrown around all the time, but a $5 million compensation to the Jets for a guy who is only a QB in name and nothing more is a fortune. Congratulations Jets, now you got 2 quarterbacks who both suck and are overpaid.

P.S.- Does anyone else think that this whole thing is going to turn into a version of a modern day Rudy? Tebow just sitting on the bench with the whole stadium chanting his name. I mean it will probably be a little different. Mark Sanchez will probably be crying, wiping his tears with hundred dollar bills while the Jets lose, but it will basically be the same.

Now that Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets theres no doubt that Tebow mania will be reborn thanks to the NY media. I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch ESPN for more than 10 minutes at a time now. Now that Tebow is in NY though, the chances that he and Jeremy Lin end up doing something together goes through the roof. The similarities are too much to overlook. They’re both devout Catholics and outspoken about their beliefs.  They are kind of “failed expectations brothers” if you think about it. Both shot to the top of fame fast and fell into the bargain bin just as fast.  I really do think that if they are spotted out together or team up somehow the internet might break.


The Jets have acquired Tim Tebow for a 4th round pick. Why would the Jets even do this? Nothing good can come out of the Jets having Tim Tebow back up Mark Sanchez. Nothing. The only reason I can think of that the Jets would even trade for Tebow is that they heard the Patriots wanted him and just panicked.  I mean they already have one bad QB, why make it two? If you’re the Jets do you really need a stadium filled of Tebow fanatics chanting his name as soon as the QB you just gave a 5 year extension to, throws an incomplete pass? I don’t think so. Even Cromartie has gone to twitter saying that the Jets don’t want Tebow. Of all the Jets players Cromartie is the one that I would least trust and I have to say that he is right. Some of these dudes kids don’t even trust him and they know he’s right. To top it off the NY media is going to blow this whole thing out of proportion. I heard they’ve been looking for a new story ever since that kid from Harvard turned out to be a bust.


It never has happened and never will happen. Can the Jets really be this egotistical to come out and say that they didn’t want Peyton Manning? I see how they’re trying to spin it but everyone knows the truth. Just crazy.  Lets just say I drive an overpriced Honda Civic everyday that is pretty unreliable and everybody in my family hates. One day I have the chance to buy a Ferrari. The dealer tells me that this Ferrari has been in an accident but was repaired correctly. They let me take it for a test drive and the price is more than my Civic but still manageable. Who in their right mind would ever pass that up? Nobody, that’s who. Why doesn’t Woody Johnson just tell the truth and say that Peyton Manning just didn’t want to be on the Jets? But then again this is the Jets we’re talking about. What does he do? Woody Johnson goes out and leases that shitty Civic for 3 more years. Have fun Jets, because that car ain’t going to drive you to the playoffs.

And this is exactly why Rex Ryan and the Jets will always be a joke in the NFL. This is how they reward Mark Sanchez for last year? His reward for last year should be that they let him keep his job. But in the usual Jets fashion they go and do something stupid like signing Sanchez to a 3 year extension worth $40.5 million. A piece of me hopes that the Dolphins sign Manning and make the Jets rot at the bottom of  the AFC East with Sanchez where they belong. Don’t forget your white pants Sanchez.

I wonder how many pairs of white pants $40 million buys? Doesn’t matter they’ll probably all have shit stains on the back by the time the season is over.