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If this isn’t the biggest blow to Tebow fans, then I don’t know what is. First they get absolutely crushed by the Lions, who have cooled down a little bit since their hot start. Then while their getting demolished, Stephen Tulloch pulls what is now being called “Tebowing” after he sacked Tebow. Oh Twitter you come through again. Blowing up a fad to epic proportions, so it can be done right in the face of the person it was modeled after.

P.S. – Fun Fact.  It’s a common misconception that “Tebowing” is the stance which Tebow takes when praying. This is incorrect. It’s actually modeled after Tebow getting back up to his feet after a sack.


If you watched the Patriots vs. Steelers game on Sunday then you saw a game which was not as close as the score indicated. Never have I seen a defense give up more 3rd down completions. There is no reason why the Steelers should be completing multiple 3rd and 15’s. This is not only a step back for the D this is a fall back. And don’t expect the secondary to get any better either. With Bodden cut and Dowling on IR, the rest of the season might be a long one for the D. People can blame the loss on the Gronkowski no TD call all they want. The fact of the matter is Brady burned almost 2 minutes off the clock after that play. Gostkowski didn’t exactly help the cause with that onside kick. They could have put a toddler out there and got the ball farther than that. On the bright side at least Faulk had a decent game. I guess in celebration of Halloween the coaching staff decided to let one of the living dead play.

So T.O. got an offer of $400 per game from the Arena Football League. If that’s all that the Arena league will give you then you’re in some trouble. Basically they’re saying that the publicity that T.O. will bring to the league is worth about $400 a week. I’m pretty sure that mascots get paid more than that. But then again T.O. has a huge head and catches the ball like he’s wearing giant fur covered gloves, so a mascot is basically what they’re getting. Does the Arena league know that JaMarcus Russell is making a comeback yet? Dynasty in the making.

I’d like to make a toast.If everyone would please raise your purple drank to JaMarcus Russell’s attempted comeback. To continued success blaming your laziness on sleep apnea, and a lackluster career with a shitty team at the bottom of the league for many years to come. If you get signed. Now drink up, you’re gonna need your Vitamin P.








With all the talk of who T.O. will sign with, it only makes sense to compare him to other WR’s out there. What might have hurt T.O.’s open practice was the release of Berrian by the Vikings right around the same time as the scheduled practice. Realistically it was probably because the two to five teams that are interested, actually desperate, didn’t want to show up and be the only ones there. Both Berrian and T.O. have both had problems with teams in the past. The argument for which to sign basically comes to which player has more to offer at the lower price. Teams will be more willing to give Berrian more money than T.O. based on how much he has left. T.O. looked good in his practice, but Berrian is more of a sure thing right now. Either way any team who needs a WR definitely has the upper hand in signing either of these guys.

Yesterday Floyd Mayweather Jr. was found not guilty on misdemeanor harassment charges from an argument over parking tickets he received within his gated community. During the argument Mayweather reportedly told the armed security guards that his friends had guns, and could take care of them if he wanted them to. I don’t really blame Mayweather on this one. Dudes got 29 cars. There’s no way you can park them all in a driveway. If I live in a gated community in a $9 million house these security guards should be guarding the cars that don’t fit in my driveway making sure that bugs and stuff don’t land on them. It’s not like he was arguing with them because he couldn’t afford the ticket. This is a guy who counts a couple of million and puts the video on youtube. By looking at all his pending court cases, these guys are just lucky that he didn’t beat the s*** out of them for touching his cars.

Does anyone really believe that Rob Gronkowski is sorry? C’mon. Why should he be sorry. What happens in the bye week stays in the bye week. Do work Gronk.

P.S.-Two Gronkowski’s on one team should be outlawed by the NFL. Just pure domination. I also give full credit to Gronk for Brady cutting his hair.

Last Friday an 87-year-old man was pulled over in Michigan with 104 bricks of cocaine in the bed of his truck. Good news is that this dude is only facing 10 years in prison. Imagine how bad ass he’s gonna be when he gets out? Detroit’s gonna have a 97-year-old man running pulling 200 bricks of cocaine with his hover round. He’s probably running the D like a boss. Everyone in Detroit is probably like you better not cross Old White, he’ll gum your ass to death, then run you over on his Rascal on 26’s.

Ben Cherington has been named the new GM of the Red Sox. All I can say is good luck, because you’re gonna need it. At the end of the season, Mr. Cherington will either be the hero of Red Sox Nation, or the zero. Only time will tell.

When is the NBA going to just cancel the whole season? I mean, don’t they get it? Isn’t it obvious to the league that the players don’t really care about the season? Except for a few players who are actually trying to get  something done, most of the stars of the league are already getting ready for their world tour. They don’t really care if they have a season or not because they’re still going to get paid with or without the NBA. Until then have fun watching the league cancel 2 weeks at a time.