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Now that the lockout is over LeBron can officially go back to being LeBron. Seriously, what does this guy have to prove? Does he think that he can just show up to any gym and just make kids love him? Hey LeBron, it’s not going to happen. Maybe a few of them will like you and maybe watch a few games, but after they realize that Chris Bosh is on the team, they probably won’t watch anymore. The other 95% of the kids are just going to think that you’re an asshole for knocking their friends to the ground. Congratulations. To bad when the season starts up there aren’t going to be any 8 year olds patrolling the post that you can dunk over. If that was the case maybe you could have made it to the finals this year. Work on your shot son.


Bill Belichick has once again turned another offensive player into a defensive back a la Troy Brown. The only difference is that Julian Edelman may in fact be better suited to play the position. Edelman had a few nice tackles and only got beat on the pass once, which is to be expected. When it comes to tackling, we all know that Edelman knows how to get his hands on the goods. Don’t be surprised if he gets a few strips before the season is over, hopefully with no defensive holding penalty this time.

After last night’s beat down of the Eagles by the Patriots, where do the Eagles go from here. The Eagles got off to a fast start, but fell from the sky like it was hunting season. It wasn’t like it was only Vince Young’s fault either. DeSean Jackson dropped a few passes, two of which would have been TD’s. How does he expect to get a new contract when he’s dropping balls like that? During the 3rd quarter a “Fire Andy” chant broke out with the few remaining fans left in the stadium. If they lose at Seattle on Thursday, Reid and Jackson can kiss their future with the Eagles goodbye.

I refuse to believe that the NBA lockout will end. Refuse. Just when it looks like I will get to see some of the best players in the world play selfish basketball all around the world, David Stern decides he wants basketball. I don’t think so. What does he think is going to happen. The league is going to end up playing under 70 games. You know what this means? It means that a bunch of shitty teams are going to make the playoffs, and no one will care anyway. It also means that we get the privilege of watching hundreds of out of shape players who thought they wouldn’t have to play this year. T.V. ratings are going to be through the roof. Injuries galore. It’s only a tentative agreement anyway, so there’s a chance it could fall through, and I hope it does. On the other hand, if the season stops the production of some players rap careers, I’m all for it.

Tim Tebow has done what some of his followers may call a “miracle”. Due basically to his recent “success”, or whatever you want to call it, the Chargers have managed to sell enough tickets to get their local tv station to lift the blackout on their game. The worst part is that local tv was not going to lift the blackout even though before the game Junior Seau will be inducted into the Chargers Hall of Fame. No wonder the poor guy drove his car off a cliff. I mean what happened to the Chargers. They were supposed to be on of the best teams in the league this year. Right now their tied for last in their division with the Chiefs. I bet the whole team wishes they had been in that car with Seau and hit a wall harder than Philip Rivers career did. LaDainian Tomlinson should send the Chargers a fruit basket for not resigning him. But on second thought Mark Sanchez might be a little to big to fit in a basket.


Happy Thanksgiving! Special shout out to Ndamukong Suh for stomping out Evan Dietrich-Smith like he owed him some money. That’s exactly get people to stop calling you a dirty player in this league, stomp them out. You got to be kidding me with that weak explanation after the game man. You were trying to get your balance? Before or after you stomped him? But in the end it doesn’t really matter because it’s a fact that as long as you produce in the NFL, you can basically get away with murder. Just ask Ray Lewis, O.J. and Marvin Harrison. My only advice for Suh is that next time you decide to do something like this, don’t get caught. Simple as that.

Second shout out to Tony Romo. Keep throwing those picks bro, at least now they can’t blame it on Jessica Simpson. If they lose to the Dolphins, Tony Romo and all Cowboy’s fans can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. I myself would blame it on Romo’s new wife Candace Crawford. Works the same way in New England when fans blame Gisele. Only difference with that is that Tom Brady doesn’t suck and Romo does.


Rob Gronkowski is the best TE in the league right now. There is no discussion. No other TE is doing what he’s doing or what he’s done for that matter. Get Hyped. Get Spiked. Get Gronk’d. Best TE period.

Vince Young would like to thank the club for keeping his arm strength up through making it rain and drinking whole bottles of tequila. Aside from the 3 interceptions, Young played well. Young also calls making it rain ones on an ugly stripper an “interception”, so he’s used to it. Just gotta hope that they don’t return that shit for a touchdown. Just part of the game.

Now Rex has to put his money where his mouth is provided that he can keep the food and feet out long enough. You know your team sucks when someone tells you that Bill Belichick owns you and your at your own stadium. If I was him, I’d grow out my hair and pretend to be my brother for a little while.

Wait, so Arod didn’t have the team over? Just two girls who could probably hit a HR farther than him, and definitely farther than Jeter. Just doing what they usually do a Arod’s house, cartwheels and jumping around in the trees. You know, the usual. After that they just go inside and work out, then look at themselves extremely close in the mirror.

P.S.- I’m giving it about a 50% chance that this is just Cameron Diaz after she found Arod’s “supplements”.