Happy Thanksgiving! Special shout out to Ndamukong Suh for stomping out Evan Dietrich-Smith like he owed him some money. That’s exactly get people to stop calling you a dirty player in this league, stomp them out. You got to be kidding me with that weak explanation after the game man. You were trying to get your balance? Before or after you stomped him? But in the end it doesn’t really matter because it’s a fact that as long as you produce in the NFL, you can basically get away with murder. Just ask Ray Lewis, O.J. and Marvin Harrison. My only advice for Suh is that next time you decide to do something like this, don’t get caught. Simple as that.

Second shout out to Tony Romo. Keep throwing those picks bro, at least now they can’t blame it on Jessica Simpson. If they lose to the Dolphins, Tony Romo and all Cowboy’s fans can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. I myself would blame it on Romo’s new wife Candace Crawford. Works the same way in New England when fans blame Gisele. Only difference with that is that Tom Brady doesn’t suck and Romo does.