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Tim Tebow has recently taken his whole Christian good boy campaign to a whole new level. First he has issued cease and desist orders to multiple companies demanding that they stop producing t-shirts with what his lawyers are saying is his “likeness”, even though some of the shirts have no image of Tebow. Here is one of the examples in question.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything that represents Tim Tebow’s likeness in this shirt. Unless Tebow and his lawyers actually believe that he is Jesus, I don’t know what they hope to achieve here. Now Tebow has demanded that a picture taken backstage on Broadway with 4 woman be removed from Twitter due to his “image”. My question now is, does that make Tim Tebow’s image fake? I mean if that was really his image wouldn’t he not have posed for that picture? If that was his image, wouldn’t he have looked a little uncomfortable? He looks pretty comfortable to me. I’m just saying that maybe the image that Tebow has portrayed up to this point isn’t really his real image after all. Who knows? Hey Tim, if you don’t want your picture to end up on Twitter next time, don’t take it. Simple.


After last nights monster performance by Paul Pierce he did what some are saying was “Tebowing”. I’m not quite sure that’s what it was though. I just think that basically Paul Pierce was saying thank you. That’s all. And since when did praying become “Tebowing”? Are you serious? Players have been doing this before games forever, and they will keep doing it forever. I guess it just took an overrated, back up QB to bring it to the media’s attention. Give me a break. If your a real Celtics fan you will have no problem with me stating that Pierce is a drama queen, who complains about no foul calls every time he drives in  lane. I think that this is just an extension of his overly expressive emotions.

Remember this-

I wasn’t going to write anything about this because it’s just a publicity stunt by Ashley Madison for her site. That and the fact that I don’t like Tim Tebow. This was just too good to pass up though. For those of you who don’t know what is, it’s basically a website for married people who want to cheat on their spouse anonymously. She has offered $1 Million to any women who can prove that she has slept with Tim Tebow. I know that Tim Tebow is a devout Christian who has said that he is waiting till marriage, but a part of me thinks that there is definitely a women out there who could get this million. I mean there are pictures all over the internet of him with girls. Look at all these:

So you’re telling me that there’s not already a girl out there who can collect this $1 million? I kind of doubt that. And if there isn’t, I’m sure that we are going to see some pretty interesting Photoshopped pictures soon.

Did people think that Tim Tebow was going to receive a standing ovation from the crowd at Yankee Stadium? It doesn’t help that he was sitting next to D Wade who had just beat the Knicks earlier in the day, either. I hate that the NY media is playing this like Tim Tebow needs to win over the fans of New York type of thing. There were people cheering for D Wade and Tebow both. It’s a fact that Giants fans will hate Tim Tebow no matter what he does. Fans at Yankee Stadium will boo anyone for no reason. And some Jets fans don’t want Tebow. Maybe they booed him because they are sick of hearing about him over hyped by the media  and seeing him on the cover of every newspaper in town.  You add up all those people in New York and that equals a majority who are probably going to boo Tim Tebow. It’s not a surprise. Is it going to be breaking news when Tebow gets booed at Metlife when they play the Giants? C’mon.

Nike has filed a lawsuit against Reebok and the company which owns it, Adidas. The lawsuit claims that Reebok didn’t have the rights to make Tebow jerseys since they are no longer under contract to produce the jerseys. In a nutshell Nike is basically pissed that Reebok had every able hand in some third-world country pumping out Tebow jerseys as fast as humanly possible. Lets be realistic here. If this was some other player we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. But Nike knows that if someone went out and bought a Reebok Tim Tebow jersey, they damn sure aren’t going out to get a Nike Tim Tebow jersey next week. To make everything right in the world, Nike wants Reebok to pay them what is probably going to be a boat load of money. They also want all the jerseys to be destroyed, which is what I believe should be done with all Tim Tebow jerseys anyway.

P.S.- If you’re wondering why Reebok made Peyton Manning jerseys with no problem it’s because Peyton probably gave them permission to use his name on the jersey, while Tebow told Reebok that they could not use his name.

Can someone please tell Skip Bayless that it’s very dangerous to text and drive a bandwagon at the same time. I am referring to the ridiculous coverage on ESPN that hosted a live update of Skip Bayless tweets about the Tim Tebow press conference. Bayless managed to decipher almost every single statement made by Tebow, none of which needed to be deciphered. Until today I really didn’t think that I could dislike Bayless any more than I already did. But once again he went and did something stupid. I really don’t understand where Skip Bayless’s thoughts even come from, or where he bases his opinions from. I’ve heard some people defend him, saying that we need a villain in the world of “sports personalities, but I just don’t get how he thinks. I might have been able to listen to him if he just made some sense every now and again. I’ve never seen or listened to someone who says they know and love sports yet idolize mediocrity like Skip Bayless does. Skip Bayless pretty much hates anyone who is a top player in any league then turns around and steers the bandwagon of players that don’t even deserve to be on the same field or court as the players Skip talks bad about. It’s just ridiculous. I think that Skip is a person who is just bitter and jealous of more talented athletes. I really do. I would bet that Skip Bayless is the kid who got picked last in every playground game he ever played and now is just using his position with ESPN to ridicule today’s best players in sports. In doing so Skip just comes off as a self-centered, egotistical, arrogant prick. Grow up Skip, it’s getting old.

Here are some more tweets from Skip Bayless:

1. Skip cries like a bitch when his boyfriend decides to go and make friends.

2. Tebow over Rodgers? No wonder your on ESPN2.


3. Suggs was right.





Anyone who says that the Jets are not the biggest attention whores of the NFL are probably a Jets fan. How can the Jets even let Tim Tebow have this press conference? Do they not realize that this is going to give every media outlet in New York, and the world for that matter, 10x more ammo when the inevitable QB debate happens? The first time Sanchez f****’s up everyone is going to be calling for Tebow to be the starter. Did none of the Jets staff watch what happened in Denver. Do they really want billboards plastered all over the city calling for Tebow to replace the QB who they just gave a huge extension to? It doesn’t even matter if the talk about Mark Sanchez is justified or not. You’re undermining your whole franchise first by signing Tebow, then by giving him this press conference. Just ridiculous. For the Jets management to say that this trade was a “football move” is just stupid. You wanted a circus, you got one. Lets just hope that the elephant doesn’t step on Sanchez and crush him. And by elephant I do mean Rex Ryan.

The QB controversy is already beginning


This may be the first lie that Tim Tebow has ever told. Especially since he has made it clear that he wants to take Sanchez’s job. Hey Tim don’t feel bad, nobody respects Mark Sanchez.


TV televangelist Pat Robertson has made it clear  that he does not like the signing of Peyton Manning by the Denver Broncos. He says that Peyton Manning deserves to get injured for taking Tim Tebow’s starting job. He thinks that Manning getting hurt would be “justice” for Tebow. Let me tell you something, Pat. I don’t know how much football you’ve watched in the past year, but it can’t be that much if your mad that Tim Tebow isn’t going to be a starter anymore. Do you really think that if Tebow was such a great player that Elway would be as eager to get rid of him as he was. Is Pat Robertson going to be shocked when Tebow doesn’t beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job? And why didn’t Pat wish injury on Sanchez, the Lord knows every Jet fan is. But at the end of the day this is what Pat Robertson does. He makes ridiculous statements about hot button issues and sits at home and collects the checks from people who believe the bullshit that he spews. Take a look at his official website. This guy literally has to make a statement about every stupid comment that he makes. Just another day doing the Lord’s work.

Now that Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets theres no doubt that Tebow mania will be reborn thanks to the NY media. I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch ESPN for more than 10 minutes at a time now. Now that Tebow is in NY though, the chances that he and Jeremy Lin end up doing something together goes through the roof. The similarities are too much to overlook. They’re both devout Catholics and outspoken about their beliefs.  They are kind of “failed expectations brothers” if you think about it. Both shot to the top of fame fast and fell into the bargain bin just as fast.  I really do think that if they are spotted out together or team up somehow the internet might break.


The Jets have acquired Tim Tebow for a 4th round pick. Why would the Jets even do this? Nothing good can come out of the Jets having Tim Tebow back up Mark Sanchez. Nothing. The only reason I can think of that the Jets would even trade for Tebow is that they heard the Patriots wanted him and just panicked.  I mean they already have one bad QB, why make it two? If you’re the Jets do you really need a stadium filled of Tebow fanatics chanting his name as soon as the QB you just gave a 5 year extension to, throws an incomplete pass? I don’t think so. Even Cromartie has gone to twitter saying that the Jets don’t want Tebow. Of all the Jets players Cromartie is the one that I would least trust and I have to say that he is right. Some of these dudes kids don’t even trust him and they know he’s right. To top it off the NY media is going to blow this whole thing out of proportion. I heard they’ve been looking for a new story ever since that kid from Harvard turned out to be a bust.