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I admit that I have been critical of LeBron in the past, but this video may have changed my view of him. With all the bad stories that we hear about LeBron, one can’t help but start to believe that he’s probably kind of jerk. But then I see this video and I start to think differently about him. I mean he is introducing his teammates to Jay-Z and basically takes off everything that he has to give to that kid. Headband, shooting sleeve, bracelets, and even his shoes. Anyone who can take the time to do that for a kid can’t be that bad of a guy, right? Could it be possible that LeBron has gotten a bad rep over the years? It’s starting to look like that.


I don’t think that West actually gave Hayward a wet willy, but that is besides the point. Why would West even want to put his finger in another guys ear? Shit is gross. And in what world does Gordon Hayward not take a swing on Delonte West after he sticks his f****** finger in his ear. Are you kidding me? Your just going to let him do that to you without doing anything? It’s bad enough that no one on your team even came forward to defend you. I don’t even think that they noticed. The commentators sure noticed though, and acted like West had just shot Hayward in front of everybody. Just an all around stupid situation.

P.S.- I couldn’t make a joke about Delonte West and LeBron James’s mom in this post. To overused . I’m pretty sure that Delonte wishes he had used his finger more often anyway.

As quick as some things begin, they can end just as quickly. This seems to be a point that was lost on not only Knicks fans, but a majority of all fans surrounding Linsanity. With lasts night loss to the Heat it seems as though the Lin bandwagon is beginning to empty just as fast as it filled up. I’m not saying that Jeremy Lin isn’t a good driver, but people are finally beginning to realize that turnovers do matter, especially when you only hit one shot from the floor the whole game. The Heat made Jeremy Lin look like a D League player and exposed him for what he truly is. The truth is Lin was a product of his own obscurity. No team in the league was showing game footage of this guy before last week because there was none. Now that teams have some game tape of Lin they have studied his tendencies and know his weaknesses. While Lin will probably still have some success against the lower teams in the league, in games against championship contenders such as the Heat he will be ineffective. They now know that when they crowd him he isn’t a great shooter and he will make turnovers. The sooner Knicks fans realize this the better. Then they can go back to watching Carmelo brick isolation 3’s and hoping that JR Smith doesn’t kill anyone.

P.S.- Maybe Nike should start worrying a little less about Jeremy Lin, and a little more about LeBron who’s their real moneymaker. Nike may have been a little premature in their judgement of Lin. Personally I think that they should be ashamed that they would even have a Jeremy Lin shoe in a line that includes Jordan and LeBron, but that’s just me.

Ok, maybe D Wade doesn’t cut up LeBron’s steak and spaghetti but someone does when he orders it, probably Chris Bosh. In an interview with a steakhouse server who has served LeBron in the past, she says that LeBron drinks apple martinis and orders his steak well done and pre-cut up. I’m pretty sure that this has something to do with the fact that LeBron has had everything handed to him throughout his entire life, but don’t you think that someone should have taken care of this by now? Don’t you think that Delonte West should have stepped up and broken this habit. You know Delonte can’t have his almost step son going around ordering his food cut up like a baby and drinking girly drinks. This is why LeBron will never win anything. This is why Dwayne Wade will always be the best player on the Heat. This is why LeBron won’t play in the dunk contest.

I’m 100% sure that this kid cuts up his own food.




LeBron said today that he could see a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the future, and that he hopes that the fans would welcome him back. What? Is LeBron that self absorbed that he thinks Cleveland would welcome him back after he let down the whole city? LeBron was the biggest and best thing that Cleveland had ever seen. A homegrown superstar who grew up to play not far from where he honed the skills that make him one of the best basketball players today. I don’t think he even realizes what he did to that city. Totally disrespected the people who had made him what he is and were his biggest fan. On tv no less. So no LeBron, I don’t think that the fans of Cleveland will welcome you back. They will probably be there waiting for you, but they probably won’t be very welcoming.

So someone has tweeted that LeBron James apparently uses the alias “Gordon Gekko” when he reserves hotel rooms on away trips. My only question is what other name do you’d think he would use. Of course LeBron is going to pick one of the greediest characters of all time because it fits him. Your crazy if you don’t think that Gekko would sell out his own hometown, and the people who made him, just to make a buck. Of course he would. So it comes to me as no surprise that LeBron would choose a huge asshole as his alias. No surprise. Who else do you know of that doesn’t sign cards that he gives to family because he’s afraid that they would profit off them? LeBron, that’s who. For a long time pure skill and ability has made up for being an asshole, but I think that LeBron has crossed that line. He has crossed that line that no matter how good he gets, people are still going to hate him just because the type of person he is.

LeBron should probably check into hotels under a more fitting name like a character who slowly goes bald throughout the film. The only place LeBron is feeling the recession is in his hairline.


Someone call me when LeBron dunks over a 7 footer in a game for his country. Vince Carter is still the dunk king. No discussion.

How bad of a person do you have to be for Santa not to like you? Now, it’s pretty obvious that Old Saint Nick here has a little bit of a drinking problem but you would too if you were stuck at the north pole with a bunch of little people. How long do you think that LeBron has been on the Naughty List? Did so many kids only wish for Santa to heckle LeBron, that he actually had to show up at a game? Those kids that he knocked down at camp during the lockout probably all wrote the same letter.

Dear Santa,

As you probably already know, LeBron James is an asshole. My only wish for this year is that you show up at every game and heckle him. Expose him for the fraud he is. You don’t have to show up during the playoffs because he’s bad enough on his own then. My mom told me it was better to give than receive, so I want you to give LeBron hell for the rest of the season.

Thank You

P.S.- Get Dwayne Wade something really, really nice since he didn’t knock me down during what was supposed to be the best moment of my life so far.

Santa probably got so many of these that he had no choice.

Hey LeBron, guess you shouldn’t have gotten so used to playing against kids during the lockout. Should have been practicing free throws instead of playing flag football, too.

This is why Kobe will always be the best player in the league. Kobe’s getting divorced and has 105 girls to choose from. LeBron’s just trying to keep his mom away from his teammates.

How many teams with a Big 3 do we need? First the Celtics did it, then LeBron decided to copy the Celtics like he does with everything else.  Now the Knicks could have Carmelo, CP3, and Stoudemire? Ridiculousness. At least they won’t suck anymore. Alley-oops to Stoudemire all day. You know how CP3 does.