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It seems like for a second Amar’e forgot that he had fouled out, and then he remembered. But at least this is a sign that he is learning something from Carmelo. Have a nice summer Amar’e. Nice sportsmanship asshole.


After last nights monster performance by Paul Pierce he did what some are saying was “Tebowing”. I’m not quite sure that’s what it was though. I just think that basically Paul Pierce was saying thank you. That’s all. And since when did praying become “Tebowing”? Are you serious? Players have been doing this before games forever, and they will keep doing it forever. I guess it just took an overrated, back up QB to bring it to the media’s attention. Give me a break. If your a real Celtics fan you will have no problem with me stating that Pierce is a drama queen, who complains about no foul calls every time he drives in  lane. I think that this is just an extension of his overly expressive emotions.

Remember this-

If this isn’t the Knicks luck than I don’t know what is. Just classic Knicks. Lose 12 straight playoffs games and just getting handled by the Heat. Stoudemire is pissed that he lost and that Carmelo took 100 shots so he punches a fire extinguisher and cuts his hand on the glass. Good news for the Knicks is that their stats are actually better when Amare doesn’t play. In reality it’s not like they have a chance against the Heat anyway.

This is just beyond horrible. Do athletes really think that they are good rappers? All Steve Francis had to do was look at some other athletes who tried to be rappers and he would have seen that the two don’t mix. It just doesn’t work. Steve Francis didn’t make it to the NBA because of his dope rhyming skills. Give it up stick to what your good at. I guess it is true when they say that all athletes want to be rappers and all rappers want to be athletes. I was hoping that Ron Artest would run out and knock out Francis with an elbow about 20 seconds in. His video definitely did.



I admit that I have been critical of LeBron in the past, but this video may have changed my view of him. With all the bad stories that we hear about LeBron, one can’t help but start to believe that he’s probably kind of jerk. But then I see this video and I start to think differently about him. I mean he is introducing his teammates to Jay-Z and basically takes off everything that he has to give to that kid. Headband, shooting sleeve, bracelets, and even his shoes. Anyone who can take the time to do that for a kid can’t be that bad of a guy, right? Could it be possible that LeBron has gotten a bad rep over the years? It’s starting to look like that.

Look at this kid. Out on a court playing with people like 15 years older than him and holding his own with future NBA players. The UNC players weren’t even playing hard. Just letting this kid take the ball up, show off his dribbling skills and put some college kids to shame. There were 4 UNC basketball team members on the court, so that means that Addis Cone was the 5th best player on that court all day. I know that when kids play you have to give them a chance, obviously these kids aren’t going to guard him like they would another 2o something year old. But as soon as Addis comes down the court dribbling like Hot Sauce from And1 someone better D him up quick. In this case though it just seemed like nobody wanted to get embarrassed by an 8-year-old in front of a couple hundred people. Instead they just let him basically beat their team single handedly. Just straight made the kid at :44 seconds his bitch then turned around and shot it right in his eye. Game Over. How demoralizing do you think it is to be on the court with the UNC basketball team and an 8 year old is the one you get embarrassed by?

More kids should be like Addis Cone. He didn’t celebrate once and just wanted to play basketball. We need more of these kinds of players. You can just tell that he’s a nice kid too. Keep a look out for Addis Cone in the future, who knows he might be wearing a UNC jersey one day.

This will teach Moondog to keep his paws to himself. What did he expect? Moondog you’re a mascot, get your ass up in the stands and do the stupid shit that the Cavs waste their money to see you do.  You’re not supposed to be down on the court play fighting with the other team because this is the shit that happens. And how big of a bitch is the guy in the Moondog suit? Dude you basically have a couple of inches of padding in between David West’s fist and your eye, how did you get hurt? I just wish that West would have knocked you out while the crowd chanted “Moondog Down”. With David West standing over him screaming “You just got knocked the f*** out!!!!” Probably would have made a Cavs game watchable.


Thank you Jalen Rose for finally calling out Skip Bayless and putting him in his place on TV no less. Probably one of the best things I have ever seen on ESPN. You know that Jalen has been memorizing the stats of Skip Bayless’s outstanding high school career ever since he saw it this morning on the internet. Just thinking “Oh, I’m gonna get this little bitch now.” Skip still tries to go after Rose even after Jalen owns him with probably the best line I’ve ever heard on ESPN. Water Pistol Pete Junior. Pure Gold. Jalen didn’t stop there though. Here’s some more of Jalen Rose destroying Skip Bayless.


What Skip Bayless doesn’t seem to get is that none of those guys that he mentioned ever said that they had done something that they hadn’t. I’ve never seen Mickey Loomis send out a tweet saying that he was a star high school QB. The sad part about all of this is that Skip Bayless is so egotistical and deluded that he actually thinks that he won that debate and he was right.

Just when you thought that you couldn’t hate Skip Bayless anymore he goes and does something like this. First he has the audacity to even compare himself to Russel Westbrook after he says that Westbrook shouldn’t play PG. Then, probably after some people on Twitter decided to call Bayless out, he decided to tweet about his “prestigious” high school basketball career. Leave it up to a pompous ass hole like Skip Bayless to actually believe that he could pull a fast one on the internet. Did he actually believe that everyone was going to take his word for it? You can tell that he knew he was wrong because he threw in that little disclaimer that the coach didn’t like him. The coach didn’t like him because he was probably the same little prick as he is today. So as the internet tends to do, someone goes back into a year book from 1970 and finds Skip Bayless’s stats from high school. And surprise, surprise Skip Bayless lied and really sucked. How can you tweet about being a starting point guard on a team who was a state championship runner-up, when you really only averaged 1.4 points on your JV team. There’s actually an article that said that he was a junior while he was on the JV team. A Junior!!!? And Skip didn’t even start!!!? How did he think that people were going to let this slide? He should know by this point that when a lot of people don’t like you to begin with that you probably shouldn’t make false claims about how great you are or were. Looks like Skip and his high school coach both thought somebody couldn’t play point guard.

I’m not hating on this play but it did happen during a high school All Star game, so it’s not as great as it would have been in a real game. Other than that it was pretty cool. An alley-oop from that distance at any level of basketball is pretty impressive no matter what. The fact that #14 was obviously off sides kind of takes away from the play too.