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I didn’t think that I could like soccer players any less until I saw this video. It’s weird enough that these guys are all holding hands with little kids before the game. Just watch this guy. Digging and digging deep. This poor little kid whose parents probably made him hold hands with some weird soccer guy is probably thinking “What the f*** are you digging for? I’m 6 and I don’t pick my nose as much as you.” When this guy finally finishes digging for the soccer ball in his nose, he realizes that he needs to put it somewhere, and notices that he is currently holding hands with his own human tissue. The funniest part of this video is the kid. He sees the whole thing happening. He’s just thinking “You better not wipe that shit on me. What the f***, he actually did it.” If this kid had thrown a punch at this guy, you know nose picker would have went down. Soccer players don’t stop acting when they leave the field.


Trent Richardson showing some pure power here. Just absolutely blowing up this out of shape, middle aged man. Just like players he will see in the NFL. How did this guy even get picked for this job? Did they just hand him a blocking pad and tell him to get out there? Instant pancake. Never stood a chance.

When I first went to watch this video, I was pretty sure that it was just going to be a lot of Donovan McNabb bitching about his time in Washington. But as this video went on I don’t think that was the case. I really think that Donovan sees himself in Robert Griffin III, I really do. He knows what the deal is in Washington. He knows that Mike Shanahan is not going to cater to any player. He knows that if the offense doesn’t work under RGIII, then Shanahan is going to blame it on RGIII. It will never be Mike or Kyle Shanahan’s fault. Never. So I definitely see what Donovan is getting at in this interview. Most people are going to criticize McNabb for simply being bitter about his time with the Redskins, and that may be true, but there is some truth to what he is saying. How can you criticize McNabb for wanting RGIII to have a good start in his career. You can’t knock McNabb for saying that the Redskins are not the place for RGIII. Unfortunately for RGIII, he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter. And since the Colts and Irsay aren’t fooling anyone by saying that they don’t know if they’re going to draft Luck, RGIII may be out of luck. Lets just hope that at the end of RGIII’s career, Donovan McNabb is saying that he told us so.


It’s about time that JaVale McGee make the highlight reel for doing something good instead of something stupid. Looks like since he’s joined the Nuggets that he’s turned it around. No more making stupid plays, and celebrating while your team gets absolutely crushed. Just in case you hadn’t seen his basketball IQ  on display with Washington here’s a video. For Denver’s sake, lets hope that those plays are a thing of the past. Although I’d rather see him on the Not Top 10, rather than the Top 10 any day.


Ray Lewis gave a speech to the Stanford basketball team before their game and I started thinking, is Ray Lewis one of the best motivational speakers of our time? I can’t really say whether or not he is because I’ve never seen one of his speeches in person, which I’m sure is just as terrifying as it is motivational. But you can’t help but get motivated when he gives a speech, even if you’re not there. Just inspirational. No wonder the Ravens defense is one of the best year after year. Can you imagine the speeches he gives to them, when he knows that he doesn’t have to hold back because they’re not kids. Probably just talking about murdering everybody out on the field, and maybe a couple of people after depending on how the game goes. I have no idea. Here’s a few clips for you to judge for yourself.





Nike has filed a lawsuit against Reebok and the company which owns it, Adidas. The lawsuit claims that Reebok didn’t have the rights to make Tebow jerseys since they are no longer under contract to produce the jerseys. In a nutshell Nike is basically pissed that Reebok had every able hand in some third-world country pumping out Tebow jerseys as fast as humanly possible. Lets be realistic here. If this was some other player we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. But Nike knows that if someone went out and bought a Reebok Tim Tebow jersey, they damn sure aren’t going out to get a Nike Tim Tebow jersey next week. To make everything right in the world, Nike wants Reebok to pay them what is probably going to be a boat load of money. They also want all the jerseys to be destroyed, which is what I believe should be done with all Tim Tebow jerseys anyway.

P.S.- If you’re wondering why Reebok made Peyton Manning jerseys with no problem it’s because Peyton probably gave them permission to use his name on the jersey, while Tebow told Reebok that they could not use his name.

Frank McCourt must have absolutely shit his pants when he saw that Magic Johnson’s group had offered a bid of $2 Billion Dollars. I bet you they didn’t even have to look at the rest of the bids to know that they weren’t as high as that, because bidding any higher than that would just be stupid. The Dodgers know that. They know that any person in their right mind wouldn’t have even submitted a price above $1 Billion, which was what the franchise was valued at. So the question now is why would anybody in their right mind offer to pay 2x the estimated value? I know that the Dodgers television contract is rights are going to be up for bids between the largest broadcast stations in the world, but I don’t even think that warrants this type of price for the franchise. Everyone is talking about how the Lakers television contract is $5 Billion and how Magic Johnson’s group is looking to cash in on that money, but they are forgetting two major points. 1. That $5 Billion is spread out over 25 years. Spending $2 Billion to make $5 Billion is a great investment, but 25 years is a long time to wait for that money. It will be almost 10 years until they see a return on their investment at all. And all this is based on a Lakers television contract which is so high because the Lakers are good. The television contract for a team that doesn’t win titles and is competing against 4 other teams in California for viewers. I don’t know about you, but $2 Billion is a lot of money for a couple of “ifs” and “whens”.

The video is titled as a “No Jump Dunk” but he did get off the floor. So technically he jumped. The only question I have is why isn’t this guy in the NBA? If your 7’8″ and obviously have some basketball skill then you should be in the NBA no matter what, right? It’s not like he would even have to do anything. Just trot up and down the floor and be tall. Dunk and grab rebounds all day. This guy is literally the definition of “tall for nothing”. If he can play with the Globetrotters he should definitely be able to play in the NBA. The other problem that I have with this guy is that obviously he is kind of tool. Who grabs onto the rim and shakes it like that? It’s probably the reason he isn’t in the NBA because that’s a technical all day. Let go of the rim. Your tall, we get it.

How great are these two guys? Probably just sitting down next to each other, hooked up to the dialysis machine talking hoops. But as soon as the second guy said that he hoped that Kentucky was going to lose, shit went down. From what it sounds like on the video only the first guy was actually hooked up to a dialysis machine at that point, but that still didn’t stop the second guy from defending his team. “I didn’t hit him hard, but I hit him” probably the best line ever. Who cares about their kidneys when your teams pride is on the line? Not these two guys. Just rip out their dialysis lines and get shit crackin.  That’s how they do it in the south. Today’s youth needs to take a lesson from these two men. Sometimes you have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Love something so much that you would literally risk your life for it. These are real sports fans.

This video sums up what being a fan of one of the basement team of the NFL must be like. I don’t know what this is like because I’m a Patriots fan, but Mike Polk Jr. lets me know what it must be like. His points are pretty valid, too. Why should he be made to pay an absurd price for season tickets when anybody can buy tickets for much less somewhere else? I believe Mr. Polk Jr. said that the going rate for scalped tickets was 2 menthol cigarettes. That means that most inmates in the prison system could basically go to any Browns game that they wanted. If they weren’t in jail that is. And when the Browns do decide to make a move in free agency, they pick up some no name who the Bengals didn’t even want. That’s when you know you’re at the bottom of the barrel. This video did open my eyes to the fact that the Browns actually have season ticket holders, which I did not know. You learn something new everyday. But hold on Mike Polk Jr., sooner or later the Browns won’t be in a rebuilding year and hopefully neither will your bank account. But for right now $2 seems about right.

P.S.- I wish $2 was the going rate for Patriots tickets.