How great are these two guys? Probably just sitting down next to each other, hooked up to the dialysis machine talking hoops. But as soon as the second guy said that he hoped that Kentucky was going to lose, shit went down. From what it sounds like on the video only the first guy was actually hooked up to a dialysis machine at that point, but that still didn’t stop the second guy from defending his team. “I didn’t hit him hard, but I hit him” probably the best line ever. Who cares about their kidneys when your teams pride is on the line? Not these two guys. Just rip out their dialysis lines and get shit crackin.  That’s how they do it in the south. Today’s youth needs to take a lesson from these two men. Sometimes you have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Love something so much that you would literally risk your life for it. These are real sports fans.