This video sums up what being a fan of one of the basement team of the NFL must be like. I don’t know what this is like because I’m a Patriots fan, but Mike Polk Jr. lets me know what it must be like. His points are pretty valid, too. Why should he be made to pay an absurd price for season tickets when anybody can buy tickets for much less somewhere else? I believe Mr. Polk Jr. said that the going rate for scalped tickets was 2 menthol cigarettes. That means that most inmates in the prison system could basically go to any Browns game that they wanted. If they weren’t in jail that is. And when the Browns do decide to make a move in free agency, they pick up some no name who the Bengals didn’t even want. That’s when you know you’re at the bottom of the barrel. This video did open my eyes to the fact that the Browns actually have season ticket holders, which I did not know. You learn something new everyday. But hold on Mike Polk Jr., sooner or later the Browns won’t be in a rebuilding year and hopefully neither will your bank account. But for right now $2 seems about right.

P.S.- I wish $2 was the going rate for Patriots tickets.