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If you want to hear the actual conversation watch the second video.

Listening to these videos you would have thought that Francesa had spent $4.4 Million and found out that it was fake. This is why nobody likes Mike Francesa. He asks all these stupid questions and then he reads the article which he should have read in the first place. Then he yells at the SCP auction guy, because he supposedly hasn’t done his research? You just read the article two minutes ago. Your not a Authenticator and neither is he so give him a break. How can someone answer a question when you won’t let them talk? You want to authenticate that Mike Francesa is an asshole? Just listen to his show for two minutes. That should be authentication enough for anyone.


Nike has filed a lawsuit against Reebok and the company which owns it, Adidas. The lawsuit claims that Reebok didn’t have the rights to make Tebow jerseys since they are no longer under contract to produce the jerseys. In a nutshell Nike is basically pissed that Reebok had every able hand in some third-world country pumping out Tebow jerseys as fast as humanly possible. Lets be realistic here. If this was some other player we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. But Nike knows that if someone went out and bought a Reebok Tim Tebow jersey, they damn sure aren’t going out to get a Nike Tim Tebow jersey next week. To make everything right in the world, Nike wants Reebok to pay them what is probably going to be a boat load of money. They also want all the jerseys to be destroyed, which is what I believe should be done with all Tim Tebow jerseys anyway.

P.S.- If you’re wondering why Reebok made Peyton Manning jerseys with no problem it’s because Peyton probably gave them permission to use his name on the jersey, while Tebow told Reebok that they could not use his name.