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It seems like for a second Amar’e forgot that he had fouled out, and then he remembered. But at least this is a sign that he is learning something from Carmelo. Have a nice summer Amar’e. Nice sportsmanship asshole.



What does Pau Gasol even do after something like this happens not once, but twice? Does Gasol have to do whatever Griffin tells him to do now? It’s not like it even matters that the second dunk was a borderline offensive foul, that Griffin can’t shoot a wide open 16 footer, or that the Lakers won the game. Forget about all that stuff. Welcome to the NBA, where only dunking matters.

Is there a more one-dimensional “star” in the NBA than Blake Griffin?


It’s about time that JaVale McGee make the highlight reel for doing something good instead of something stupid. Looks like since he’s joined the Nuggets that he’s turned it around. No more making stupid plays, and celebrating while your team gets absolutely crushed. Just in case you hadn’t seen his basketball IQ  on display with Washington here’s a video. For Denver’s sake, lets hope that those plays are a thing of the past. Although I’d rather see him on the Not Top 10, rather than the Top 10 any day.


This year the NBA has decided to change the format of the dunk contest to ensure that fewer people than last year watch. The rule changes include changing the contest from 2 rounds to 1, and getting rid of all the judges from the contest. I see what the NBA is trying to do, but I think that they totally screwed it up. Yes, social media is the way the world is going, but why take the judges out of it. This is going to just make the dunk contest a popularity contest. But the NBA also found a way to take care of that problem also. Their solution was simple, put in players who aren’t popular at all. Here is are the participants: Iman Shumpert, Paul George, Derrick Williams and Chase Budinger. All players I could care less about. If the NBA wants to get back to the dunk contests that made people want to actually watch here’s what they should do:

1. Open up the contest to people outside the NBA. The worlds greatest dunkers are not in the NBA, and people want to see the best dunks.

2. Add more people and more rounds. Nobody wants to watch something that’s going to be over before it begins. 3 rounds with 9 dunkers.

3. Keep the judges and social media, but do a 75%-25% split where the judges ultimately can make up for a popularity vote happening.

If the NBA would just adopt some of these rules we could see the dunk contests of old that were rivalries instead of someone named Iman blow a dunk 5 times in a row.


 Will someone tell Blake Griffin that you have actually have to touch the rim for it to be a dunk. Nice play though. Hey Perk, at least your not on the Celtics this year.


Someone call me when LeBron dunks over a 7 footer in a game for his country. Vince Carter is still the dunk king. No discussion.

Now that the lockout is over LeBron can officially go back to being LeBron. Seriously, what does this guy have to prove? Does he think that he can just show up to any gym and just make kids love him? Hey LeBron, it’s not going to happen. Maybe a few of them will like you and maybe watch a few games, but after they realize that Chris Bosh is on the team, they probably won’t watch anymore. The other 95% of the kids are just going to think that you’re an asshole for knocking their friends to the ground. Congratulations. To bad when the season starts up there aren’t going to be any 8 year olds patrolling the post that you can dunk over. If that was the case maybe you could have made it to the finals this year. Work on your shot son.