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Cool video and one of best marketing campaigns by Pepsi yet. I’m not sure if this will help Kyrie Irving overcome the fact that he’s on the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it’s a start.


I’m not even sure what Steeplechase is, but it’s definitely makes for good youtube videos. It also looks like a good way to break your neck. Either run track or swim, not both.

This is just beyond horrible. Do athletes really think that they are good rappers? All Steve Francis had to do was look at some other athletes who tried to be rappers and he would have seen that the two don’t mix. It just doesn’t work. Steve Francis didn’t make it to the NBA because of his dope rhyming skills. Give it up stick to what your good at. I guess it is true when they say that all athletes want to be rappers and all rappers want to be athletes. I was hoping that Ron Artest would run out and knock out Francis with an elbow about 20 seconds in. His video definitely did.


Allll Day. Allll Night. Allll of youuuu. I have to admit that I didn’t really like Pietrus when he was on the Magic because it seemed like every time we played them in the playoffs he would score like 30 all on threes. Just a Celtics killer back then. But now we get to see the other side of Mickael. The funny, crazy side of him. Celtics are back alive and looks like they are having fun. Just straight coming back from the dead to being contenders again.

P.S.- Love the shameless Twitter self promotion too. Use NESN for minute you get Mickael.

There’s just nothing better than an all out brawl between two teams that hate each other. Even if they don’t hate each other, there’s still nothing better. Nothing better than seeing 40 teenagers run out onto the field to throw some wild hay makers, you know? Just really get out there and get into it with the other team. I’m guessing that the kids in the yellow jerseys were Yuba City JV. These kids were out for blood. They are absolutely destroying that kid at :08 seconds. Got him down on the ground beating the shit out of him. The best part of the video is at :37 seconds though. When the team mom appears on the left side of the video. She’s really the star of the video. She probably batted cleanup in some semipro softball league until she was kicked out for using performance enhancers. Just an absolute legend. She does not give a F***.

Ray Lewis gave a speech to the Stanford basketball team before their game and I started thinking, is Ray Lewis one of the best motivational speakers of our time? I can’t really say whether or not he is because I’ve never seen one of his speeches in person, which I’m sure is just as terrifying as it is motivational. But you can’t help but get motivated when he gives a speech, even if you’re not there. Just inspirational. No wonder the Ravens defense is one of the best year after year. Can you imagine the speeches he gives to them, when he knows that he doesn’t have to hold back because they’re not kids. Probably just talking about murdering everybody out on the field, and maybe a couple of people after depending on how the game goes. I have no idea. Here’s a few clips for you to judge for yourself.





So Hines Ward’s DUI video came out today and this is exactly what he feared would happen. Odds are, that if you not really a Steelers fan that you probably haven’t heard much about Ward getting a DUI anyway. It wasn’t like it ruined his football career, because that is pretty much over now that the Steelers released him, so it really didn’t affect him that much. He was probably just so drunk that he thought that he was still the Steelers best receiver. The one funny part about this video though was when he hit his head against the window at the very end. I wonder what the NFL concussion policy is of head injuries that occurred during DUI arrests. They should probably look into that. At least he can always just call up Plaxico for some advice on damage control.

P.S.- Show me one none celebrity who has ever pleaded down a DUI arrest to a charge of reckless driving with 1 year of probation.

After watching this video I’m not even mad at all. It’s obviously Gronk just blowing off some steam with his friends and family. He is “Yo Soy Fiesta” after all. Can’t really blame him for just being himself.

P.S.- Scott Zolak I see you at 3:00 min. Getting down.

After seeing this video John Henry and Tom Werner, the owners of the Red Sox, signed this guy to their soccer team Liverpool. For 20 million euros. I don’t really have a problem with that because it’s their money and I don’t really like soccer. What I do have a problem with is that these guys run the Red Sox. After hearing this, I’m starting to wonder whether it was the players or the ownership who was more to blame for lasts seasons collapse? Ultimately it’s the players fault, but if this is the type of player scouting that the Red Sox owners rely on, what do you expect? Probably only takes a couple of hours and a basic understanding of video editing to make the Red Sox.