I didn’t think that I could like soccer players any less until I saw this video. It’s weird enough that these guys are all holding hands with little kids before the game. Just watch this guy. Digging and digging deep. This poor little kid whose parents probably made him hold hands with some weird soccer guy is probably thinking “What the f*** are you digging for? I’m 6 and I don’t pick my nose as much as you.” When this guy finally finishes digging for the soccer ball in his nose, he realizes that he needs to put it somewhere, and notices that he is currently holding hands with his own human tissue. The funniest part of this video is the kid. He sees the whole thing happening. He’s just thinking “You better not wipe that shit on me. What the f***, he actually did it.” If this kid had thrown a punch at this guy, you know nose picker would have went down. Soccer players don’t stop acting when they leave the field.