Tim Tebow has recently taken his whole Christian good boy campaign to a whole new level. First he has issued cease and desist orders to multiple companies demanding that they stop producing t-shirts with what his lawyers are saying is his “likeness”, even though some of the shirts have no image of Tebow. Here is one of the examples in question.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything that represents Tim Tebow’s likeness in this shirt. Unless Tebow and his lawyers actually believe that he is Jesus, I don’t know what they hope to achieve here. Now Tebow has demanded that a picture taken backstage on Broadway with 4 woman be removed from Twitter due to his “image”. My question now is, does that make Tim Tebow’s image fake? I mean if that was really his image wouldn’t he not have posed for that picture? If that was his image, wouldn’t he have looked a little uncomfortable? He looks pretty comfortable to me. I’m just saying that maybe the image that Tebow has portrayed up to this point isn’t really his real image after all. Who knows? Hey Tim, if you don’t want your picture to end up on Twitter next time, don’t take it. Simple.