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Just a huge blow to the Bulls championship hopes. For this to happen with only 1:22 left in the game makes it even worse. Some are going to say that it’s not Thibodeau’s fault, but I think it partially is. Rose has been injured all season and Thibodeau knows that. If your starting point guard has been fighting injuries all season and you have a win pretty much wrapped up, why do you still have him on the floor? Just seems stupid. Then I look at it from the other side and say that if this type of injury was going to happen sometime in the playoffs. Maybe this injury is a blessing in disguise for Rose, though. Now he can finally get healthy and come back next year ready to play. Either way I wish him a safe and speedy recovery.


Bobby Wagner, now a Seattle Seahawk, was actually on his way to the bathroom when he received a call from the Seahawks telling him that they were going to draft him. When the Seahawks actually made the pick and his name went across the screen, Wagner was actually going to the bathroom. Pretty ironic that Wagner was drafted in the same place that his new team often is. In the shitter.


While I do agree with Tim McCarver that global warming is real, I’m not sure that I agree with his more home run theory. Actually it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure where McCarver is getting his facts about global warming’s effect of the air, but he needs to go back and reread. Here’s the equation that McCarver should be using to explain why there has been an increase in home runs:

Steroids+Shitty Pitching=More Home Runs

Hopefully global warming will allow for baseball to be played year round so we can listen to more of Tim McCarver’s enlightening commentary.

I mean really what does Mel Kiper Jr. do? Is he a NFL draft specialist? Just sits watching football and making up his mock drafts. And he’s not even that good at that. Out of the first 17 picks this year, he only got 5 right. That’s like knowing that you have a whole year to study for a test and get a 29% halfway through the first half. I bet you that about 180 days leading up to the draft are spent doing his hair and making sure that it’s just right so he can go on air and argue with Todd McShay about 2 inches for hours on end. Pretty sweet job if you can get it.


Last night a prank caller got the best of Mohamed Sanu and his agent. The prank caller called Sanu last night claiming to be the Cincinnati Bengals. The caller informed Sanu that the Bengals would be selecting him with their 27th overall pick in the draft even though Sanu isn’t projected to be drafted until late 2nd- into the 3rd round. Sanu realized it was a prank when the Bengals did not pick him. The moment that he found out that he wasn’t going to be drafted by the Bengals will probably be the second best moment of his life after he really gets drafted.

For the first time in a long time the Patriots actually moved up in the draft, not once but twice. They traded up to the 21st pick to get DE Chandler Jones and 25th to get Dont’a Hightower. Both great picks to shore up a Patriots defense that had a tough time getting off the field last year. Let’s take a look at both of newest additions to the Patriots.

Chandler Jones-

Missed 5 games last season with a knee injury. Plays hard and can just straight pancake some players. Only going to get better playing on the Patriots D line. As long as he can stay healthy he will be a force coming off the edge. As long as he can gain a little more weight he will be just fine.

Dont’a Hightower-

Can stuff the run and will help with the lack of pass rush. Not a bad cover linebacker either. 6’4″, 266 lbs and ran a 4.68 40. Pure beast. With Mayo to learn from, he and Spikes should combine to form one of the top linebacker cores in the league.

Belichick is off to a great start with these two on the defense. Hopefully in day 2 he can work some more magic and get some help for the secondary. If that happens then the Patriots look to be in great shape.

What is up with Roger Goodell having all these handshakes and hugs with every player that comes across the stage? I started to notice this at last years draft when Goodell and some of the players started hugging, but this year he took it to a whole new level. Just making up all these different handshakes and trying a little too hard to be cool. Goodell is their boss, not their best friend. I bet the players aren’t going to be hugging him when Goodell is handing out fines to them.

Is it just hockey that hasn’t joined the 21st century, because judging by these tweets it sure seems that way. I mean this is just crazy to me. This is exactly what’s wrong with the kids who have grown up in the online and Twitter generation. They have no problem typing something on the internet or Twitter, that in person they would never say. Do you really think that if given the chance any of these gutless, classless children would actually say any of these things to Joel Ward? Maybe a couple, but a majority would probably ask for his autograph. Nothing but a bunch of bitches. People need to start realizing that they can be held accountable for things that they post or type. Bunch of internet tough made at the fact that they aren’t playing in the NHL. Grow up.

Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather was arrested and charged with a DUI in Virginia this morning. He reportedly refused a breathalyzer after failing a field sobriety test. He also said that he was coming back from a club, but couldn’t remember the name of it. Whatever club it was at least it looks like he had a good time there. The only thing that would have made this mugshot better was if he was wearing that f****** hat that he used to wear. What scares me is that I don’t think he was drunk when he wore it.


Thank you Roger Goodell for finally putting the Pro Bowl out of its misery. It’s not like this decision will actually affect any fans because I don’t personally know one person who actually watched but at least the NFL wants to make it better. And it’s not like the players really actually care anyway. Goodell has made it so that they will get paid whether or not there is an actual Pro Bowl. In the meantime Goodell is looking for input on how to make the Pro Bowl better. I don’t know if he’s just blind but I think it’s pretty obvious. Two things would make it infinitely better. Get rid of all the stupid rules, bring back the Skills Challenge, and put it after the Super Bowl. Problem Solved. I’d be happy with just an expanded Skills Competition actually. Would be 10x better than the last 5 Pro Bowls combined.