For the first time in a long time the Patriots actually moved up in the draft, not once but twice. They traded up to the 21st pick to get DE Chandler Jones and 25th to get Dont’a Hightower. Both great picks to shore up a Patriots defense that had a tough time getting off the field last year. Let’s take a look at both of newest additions to the Patriots.

Chandler Jones-

Missed 5 games last season with a knee injury. Plays hard and can just straight pancake some players. Only going to get better playing on the Patriots D line. As long as he can stay healthy he will be a force coming off the edge. As long as he can gain a little more weight he will be just fine.

Dont’a Hightower-

Can stuff the run and will help with the lack of pass rush. Not a bad cover linebacker either. 6’4″, 266 lbs and ran a 4.68 40. Pure beast. With Mayo to learn from, he and Spikes should combine to form one of the top linebacker cores in the league.

Belichick is off to a great start with these two on the defense. Hopefully in day 2 he can work some more magic and get some help for the secondary. If that happens then the Patriots look to be in great shape.