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Tim Tebow has recently taken his whole Christian good boy campaign to a whole new level. First he has issued cease and desist orders to multiple companies demanding that they stop producing t-shirts with what his lawyers are saying is his “likeness”, even though some of the shirts have no image of Tebow. Here is one of the examples in question.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything that represents Tim Tebow’s likeness in this shirt. Unless Tebow and his lawyers actually believe that he is Jesus, I don’t know what they hope to achieve here. Now Tebow has demanded that a picture taken backstage on Broadway with 4 woman be removed from Twitter due to his “image”. My question now is, does that make Tim Tebow’s image fake? I mean if that was really his image wouldn’t he not have posed for that picture? If that was his image, wouldn’t he have looked a little uncomfortable? He looks pretty comfortable to me. I’m just saying that maybe the image that Tebow has portrayed up to this point isn’t really his real image after all. Who knows? Hey Tim, if you don’t want your picture to end up on Twitter next time, don’t take it. Simple.


What does Antonio Cromartie’s wife do when she suspects that he is cheating on her? What any other sane woman would do, fake her own suicide. Simple. I mean she did have a legitimate concern about Cromartie cheating on her since he does have 10 kids with 8 woman, but faking your own suicide on Twitter is probably not the way to go about it. Not to worry though, Terricka said that she was exercising her 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech. I doubt that she even knows the name of all her step children, never mind the Constitution.

Is it just hockey that hasn’t joined the 21st century, because judging by these tweets it sure seems that way. I mean this is just crazy to me. This is exactly what’s wrong with the kids who have grown up in the online and Twitter generation. They have no problem typing something on the internet or Twitter, that in person they would never say. Do you really think that if given the chance any of these gutless, classless children would actually say any of these things to Joel Ward? Maybe a couple, but a majority would probably ask for his autograph. Nothing but a bunch of bitches. People need to start realizing that they can be held accountable for things that they post or type. Bunch of internet tough made at the fact that they aren’t playing in the NHL. Grow up.

After 16 seasons in the NFL Brian Dawkins has announced his retirement on Twitter today. The NFL needs more players like Brian Dawkins. Hit hard and played hard. Good guy on and off the field. Weapon X, you will be missed.

Jabar Gaffney took to Twitter today to air his frustrations about Lito Sheppard and his soon 2 be ex-wife. What followed may be the greatest Twitter rant in the history of athlete Twitter rants. I mean talk about a melt down. First Gaffney is talking about how his wife is gone and he’s going to divorce her, then all the sudden he is calling out Lito Sheppard for something that he says has nothing to do with his situation with his wife. Yeah right. I’m pretty sure that if you’re thinking about leaving your wife and mad that she’s not there on your anniversary that Lito Sheppard is probably the last person you’re thinking about. Unless Lito Sheppard is the reason your wife is gone that is. C’mon Jabar you’re not fooling anyone. And if Gaffney is divorcing her, why does he care where she is? Your getting divorced for a reason. I’m sure that if she was the type of girl who would make you breakfast in bed for your anniversary, than you wouldn’t be getting divorced. Plus you know that Lito likes to eat his breakfast early.

Allll Day. Allll Night. Allll of youuuu. I have to admit that I didn’t really like Pietrus when he was on the Magic because it seemed like every time we played them in the playoffs he would score like 30 all on threes. Just a Celtics killer back then. But now we get to see the other side of Mickael. The funny, crazy side of him. Celtics are back alive and looks like they are having fun. Just straight coming back from the dead to being contenders again.

P.S.- Love the shameless Twitter self promotion too. Use NESN for minute you get Mickael.

Just when you thought that you couldn’t hate Skip Bayless anymore he goes and does something like this. First he has the audacity to even compare himself to Russel Westbrook after he says that Westbrook shouldn’t play PG. Then, probably after some people on Twitter decided to call Bayless out, he decided to tweet about his “prestigious” high school basketball career. Leave it up to a pompous ass hole like Skip Bayless to actually believe that he could pull a fast one on the internet. Did he actually believe that everyone was going to take his word for it? You can tell that he knew he was wrong because he threw in that little disclaimer that the coach didn’t like him. The coach didn’t like him because he was probably the same little prick as he is today. So as the internet tends to do, someone goes back into a year book from 1970 and finds Skip Bayless’s stats from high school. And surprise, surprise Skip Bayless lied and really sucked. How can you tweet about being a starting point guard on a team who was a state championship runner-up, when you really only averaged 1.4 points on your JV team. There’s actually an article that said that he was a junior while he was on the JV team. A Junior!!!? And Skip didn’t even start!!!? How did he think that people were going to let this slide? He should know by this point that when a lot of people don’t like you to begin with that you probably shouldn’t make false claims about how great you are or were. Looks like Skip and his high school coach both thought somebody couldn’t play point guard.

Who is Brady Quinn to say anything about another quarterback in the NFL? I mean Tim Tebow sucks, so what does that say for Brady Quinn? You get cut from the Cleveland Browns and when you get on the Broncos you can’t even beat out Tim Tebow? You can’t beat out a guy who only throws the football 5 times a game, with 3 of those throws going straight into the ground, and you call yourself a quarterback? The only part of your argument that’s even plausible is the part about Tebow praying on the field in front of the cameras for attention. That was kind of plausible before I remembered that Brady Quinn went to Notre Dame, where football is tied to religion as Tim Tebow is. Brady Quinn should have just told everyone the truth. He should have just said that the Broncos defense is the only reason that they won any games. Instead he went after Tim Tebow because he knew it would get people talking about him, then took to Twitter to apologize. Well mission accomplished Quinn, people are talking about you now. You just better hope that NFL teams are talking when you get released from the Broncos, but I doubt it. No matter how much I don’t like Tim Tebow as a player, but he would never let any pictures like this come out. And this isn’t the only picture of Brady Quinn doing this with other guys. Maybe Quinn doesn’t like Tebow because he wouldn’t pose for a picture with him?

Rob Lowe has come out on twitter and said that Peyton Manning is going to retire. Why would he even say something like this if it wasn’t true. Do you think that Rob Lowe just woke up this morning and said to himself, “I think I’m going to start a rumor about Peyton Manning.” Of course not. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty inclined to believe a guy who played Sam Seaborn on The West Wing. He was the Deputy Communications Director after all.

P.S.- If this is actually true, everyone at ESPN should be forced to retire.


If this isn’t the biggest blow to Tebow fans, then I don’t know what is. First they get absolutely crushed by the Lions, who have cooled down a little bit since their hot start. Then while their getting demolished, Stephen Tulloch pulls what is now being called “Tebowing” after he sacked Tebow. Oh Twitter you come through again. Blowing up a fad to epic proportions, so it can be done right in the face of the person it was modeled after.

P.S. – Fun Fact.  It’s a common misconception that “Tebowing” is the stance which Tebow takes when praying. This is incorrect. It’s actually modeled after Tebow getting back up to his feet after a sack.