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Nailed it. This is exactly what every trick shot videos should be like. She took that surprisingly well for a girl. 99% of girls would be going to the hospital in an ambulance after taking that kind of shot to the dome piece. Well done all around.


Paul Pierce needs to get traded, and he needs to get traded now. I don’t know how much longer I can watch him call for the ball, then once he gets the ball take his awful fall away jump shot. This is especially true when the Celtics are down in the 4th quarter with under 2 minutes to go. It’s good that he wants to take the final shot, that’s what you want on your team, but after you front rim a couple of key shots wouldn’t you stop? You have one of the best shooters in NBA history on the floor with you, why are you shooting that shot? I would rather have Ray Allen take that shot 10 out of 10 times. No question. Sometimes Pierce just needs to shoot the ball instead of looking for contact all the time. Does he think that the defense and refs don’t know what he’s doing? He does it every time and it almost never works anymore.

It’s really unfair to pin all the Celtics problems on Paul Pierce though. The actual problem is that the Celtics are old and need to be rebuilt again, and soon. The longer Ainge waits, the worse this is going to be. He needs to trade a few of these guys while they still have some value in the NBA. After next year nobody is going to want Pierce or KG. As much as I would hate to see the “Big 3” get split up, this needs to happen. They won a championship, they achieved their goal. The “Big 3” have served their purpose for the Celtics. Hopefully Ainge realizes that he needs to make some moves before he ends up with another team like they had in the late 90’s. That’s “The Truth”.

Just kidding he’s still fat as shit. He’s probably even fatter than he was when he tried out for the Celtics.  Better tell the good folks of Puerto Rico to watch their livestock.

It’s about time Jason Varitek finally retired. What other team in the MLB has a captain that is their third best catcher? Only the Red Sox. It’s not enough that Varitek was just about a guaranteed out every time. This guy would have trouble making contact with a volleyball, never mind a baseball.   Varitek should have retired 2 years ago but probably wanted to see if the Red Sox were stupid enough to pay him. And they were, because that’s what they do. They pay people on what they have done in the past and not what they are going to do in the future. That’s why Ortiz is still on the team. If you win the Red Sox a championship, your guaranteed a contract no matter how over rated you are. With all that said, Varitek was a great in game manager whose retirement is long overdue.

Does anyone really care about the NBA All-Star weekend anymore? If it wasn’t for the skills competition the whole weekend would be a waste of time. The NBA killed the dunk contest with the stupid new rules that they made. I didn’t watch the dunk contest live, but I did see it on ESPN and everyone I heard talk about it said that it was a waste of time to even watch it. Nobody can even do a dunk without using a prop or someone else to throw them the ball. It’s a joke. Real dunkers can do it by themselves with no props or anybody to help them. But everyone knows that the world’s best dunkers aren’t in the NBA so the dunk contest really doesn’t matter anyway. Then we got the all-star game which is nothing more than a glorified street ball game with no defense. Just a total joke.

It’s not like the all-star weekend is a problem just in the NBA either. Everyone knows that the Pro Bowl sucks just as bad as the dunk contest and all-star game. It doesn’t help that the NFL did away with the skills competition either. I always thought that the skill competition was the best part of the Pro Bowl weekend. Now that they did away with it there’s really no reason to watch it. Baseball isn’t that bad because the MLB hasn’t ruined the Home Run Derby yet, but the all-star game is like watching paint dry.

I’m not sure what needs to be done about these 3 all-star weekends, but something needs to happen and fast. All three leagues need to go back to what they used to do before. They must know that people hate the all-star games and weekends. They either need to go back to how it was before, when people actually watched, or do away with these games all together. I’m sure that some people would rather not watch that sport for a couple of days rather than watching it be butchered by players they don’t care about because the star players also don’t care. It’s that simple. So do us a favor NBA, either fix this mess of a weekend or just do away with it. Nobody wants to watch this shit.

As quick as some things begin, they can end just as quickly. This seems to be a point that was lost on not only Knicks fans, but a majority of all fans surrounding Linsanity. With lasts night loss to the Heat it seems as though the Lin bandwagon is beginning to empty just as fast as it filled up. I’m not saying that Jeremy Lin isn’t a good driver, but people are finally beginning to realize that turnovers do matter, especially when you only hit one shot from the floor the whole game. The Heat made Jeremy Lin look like a D League player and exposed him for what he truly is. The truth is Lin was a product of his own obscurity. No team in the league was showing game footage of this guy before last week because there was none. Now that teams have some game tape of Lin they have studied his tendencies and know his weaknesses. While Lin will probably still have some success against the lower teams in the league, in games against championship contenders such as the Heat he will be ineffective. They now know that when they crowd him he isn’t a great shooter and he will make turnovers. The sooner Knicks fans realize this the better. Then they can go back to watching Carmelo brick isolation 3’s and hoping that JR Smith doesn’t kill anyone.

P.S.- Maybe Nike should start worrying a little less about Jeremy Lin, and a little more about LeBron who’s their real moneymaker. Nike may have been a little premature in their judgement of Lin. Personally I think that they should be ashamed that they would even have a Jeremy Lin shoe in a line that includes Jordan and LeBron, but that’s just me.

Ryan Braun has become the first player in MLB history to successfully get a suspension and the MLB is pissed. Braun’s suspension was overturned because the tester decided to take Braun’s piss home with him because he thought that the local Fed Ex was closed. You can’t even make this stuff up. I guess that’ a better story than the rumor that Braun has herpes and that his medication made his testosterone sample high. Even if that’s true, reports say that Braun’s testosterone levels were 20:1! That’s crazy. What should really be investigated is how Braun only hit 33 home runs.

This is yet another thing that I can, and will, blame on Tim Tebow. If it wasn’t for the fans in Denver putting up their billboard for Tebow, Miami fans wouldn’t have even thought of this. My only question for the fans in Miami is why do you even want Manning? I know that many fans in Miami would have probably taken a paralyzed Peyton Manning over what they had this season but it’s the off-season now. The Dolphins can have their pick of QBs from the draft or pick up a player on the free agent market, and yet the fans want Manning? You want a guy who has had 4 neck surgeries and whose arm was described as a “noodle”? I’m not saying that Miami fans are stupid to want Peyton Manning on their team at this point in his career, but they are Dolphins fans after all.

I’m not a big Jeremy Lin fan but even I wish that he would have used his dual citizenship to make this game watchable. Every time I think about the Chinese basketball program I think about Chinese officials in a hospital ripping the longest baby boy from its mothers arms so it can grow up in some dormitory and play basketball 23 1/2 hours a day. But then you watch this and there’s no way that can be true. How can a collective group of people play basketball all their lives and still be this bad? Impossible. I guess this is what happens when all your best athletes would rather play Dance Dance Revolution than basketball. China needs to bring back their old basketball regime:

They need get rid of this. Someone ask Asian Neo how much clothes cost in the Matrix?

Thank you for mentoring and shaping one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. A great coach who will be missed by many. RIP