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Ryan Anderson just showing why racial stereotypes in basketball continue to exist. See you in the D League next year Ryan Anderson. I almost expected for the crowd to storm the floor. Guess I’ve been watching too much And1 Mixtape Tour. Still better than the NBA.


I don’t even know where this game was held but this is possibly the best non-basketball play sequence I’ve ever seen. These two guys just going at it under the basket trying to get position. Shot goes up and the guy gets an offensive rebound. Then the real fun starts. While there really was no reason to spike the ball off Lurch’s forehead, I’m glad this guy did. Otherwise we would have never seen this magnificent flop. Pretty much a full couple of seconds before his reaction. His reaction was so late that I’m surprised that the camera man didn’t turn the camera around to look for a sniper up in the rafters. At least the D League is good for something these days.

As quick as some things begin, they can end just as quickly. This seems to be a point that was lost on not only Knicks fans, but a majority of all fans surrounding Linsanity. With lasts night loss to the Heat it seems as though the Lin bandwagon is beginning to empty just as fast as it filled up. I’m not saying that Jeremy Lin isn’t a good driver, but people are finally beginning to realize that turnovers do matter, especially when you only hit one shot from the floor the whole game. The Heat made Jeremy Lin look like a D League player and exposed him for what he truly is. The truth is Lin was a product of his own obscurity. No team in the league was showing game footage of this guy before last week because there was none. Now that teams have some game tape of Lin they have studied his tendencies and know his weaknesses. While Lin will probably still have some success against the lower teams in the league, in games against championship contenders such as the Heat he will be ineffective. They now know that when they crowd him he isn’t a great shooter and he will make turnovers. The sooner Knicks fans realize this the better. Then they can go back to watching Carmelo brick isolation 3’s and hoping that JR Smith doesn’t kill anyone.

P.S.- Maybe Nike should start worrying a little less about Jeremy Lin, and a little more about LeBron who’s their real moneymaker. Nike may have been a little premature in their judgement of Lin. Personally I think that they should be ashamed that they would even have a Jeremy Lin shoe in a line that includes Jordan and LeBron, but that’s just me.

Vanessa Bryant just showed Kim Kardashian who is/was the real queen of the NBA. She just got a total of $75 million in her divorce from Kobe. I hope Kim Kardashian was taking notes for the next time she tries a stunt like the one she pulled with Kris Humphries. She could only keep up that charade for like 70 days. Someone should have first told Kim that everyone in the NBA isn’t at the same skill level. Kim’s choice of player just so happened to be pretty low on the skill level chart of the NBA. Vanessa on the other hand obviously did her homework. She saw that Kobe was one of the best players in the league and decided to make a long term investment, marriage. She held out for 10 years until that stock, aka Kobe, matured and was ready to sell. As soon as that happened, she was gone. $75 million later, she is now single and loaded. Get your game right Kim, your not in the D League anymore.

So Antoine Walker is appearing a party titled “That Shit Crazy”. You know the shit that’s really crazy though? The shit that’s really crazy is that Antoine Walker is still relevant and that anyone would actually go to this. And he just got cut by a D-League team. Now that shit crazy.