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The Jets never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. How many teams in the NFL do you think don’t read contracts that are sent to them? One, the Jets. And maybe the Raiders too, but that’s a different story. Did the one person on the Jets staff who is somewhat literate pick up the contract, see 6 zero’s, and say that’s too much? I mean how did this whole thing go down. I know that this is the NFL and huge money is thrown around all the time, but a $5 million compensation to the Jets for a guy who is only a QB in name and nothing more is a fortune. Congratulations Jets, now you got 2 quarterbacks who both suck and are overpaid.

P.S.- Does anyone else think that this whole thing is going to turn into a version of a modern day Rudy? Tebow just sitting on the bench with the whole stadium chanting his name. I mean it will probably be a little different. Mark Sanchez will probably be crying, wiping his tears with hundred dollar bills while the Jets lose, but it will basically be the same.



The Jets have acquired Tim Tebow for a 4th round pick. Why would the Jets even do this? Nothing good can come out of the Jets having Tim Tebow back up Mark Sanchez. Nothing. The only reason I can think of that the Jets would even trade for Tebow is that they heard the Patriots wanted him and just panicked.  I mean they already have one bad QB, why make it two? If you’re the Jets do you really need a stadium filled of Tebow fanatics chanting his name as soon as the QB you just gave a 5 year extension to, throws an incomplete pass? I don’t think so. Even Cromartie has gone to twitter saying that the Jets don’t want Tebow. Of all the Jets players Cromartie is the one that I would least trust and I have to say that he is right. Some of these dudes kids don’t even trust him and they know he’s right. To top it off the NY media is going to blow this whole thing out of proportion. I heard they’ve been looking for a new story ever since that kid from Harvard turned out to be a bust.


In the first big move of the free agent period this off-season the Dolphins traded Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Bears in return for two 3rd round picks. While some say that this is a horrible trade for the Dolphins, and that the Bears got a steal, this trade can be looked at another way too. I’m looking at this trade as the Dolphins way of clearing space for their biggest target of the off-season, Peyton Manning. But they didn’t get rid of Marshall to make space for Manning. They cleared room for Peyton’s favorite receiver, Reggie Wayne. This is just another way that Peyton Manning is controlling this years off-season without even trying. Look for other teams in the race for Manning to load up on wide receiver talent as well as offensive line talent in attempts to sign Peyton. It’s going to be one crazy off-season that’s for sure.

So the newest reports say that the Celtics now have Rajon Rondo on the trading block and are looking to move him fast. Some Celtics fans may have a problem with this, but in reality this is what needs to happen. Ainge is realizing that the Celts can’t be championship contenders with the lineup they have right now, and he is going to do something about it. The only problem is that Rondo is the only player left on the Celtics who is young enough to have any value in the trade market. If the Celtics ever want to get back to being championship contenders Ainge is going to have to make some hard trades. The bottom line is that Rondo isn’t good for the Celtics. He is immature and has a weak shooting game. His shooting game isn’t a huge problem, because he is a PG, but his immaturity is. If Ainge is going to blow up the Celtics, Rondo and Pierce are where he needs to start.

Paul Pierce needs to get traded, and he needs to get traded now. I don’t know how much longer I can watch him call for the ball, then once he gets the ball take his awful fall away jump shot. This is especially true when the Celtics are down in the 4th quarter with under 2 minutes to go. It’s good that he wants to take the final shot, that’s what you want on your team, but after you front rim a couple of key shots wouldn’t you stop? You have one of the best shooters in NBA history on the floor with you, why are you shooting that shot? I would rather have Ray Allen take that shot 10 out of 10 times. No question. Sometimes Pierce just needs to shoot the ball instead of looking for contact all the time. Does he think that the defense and refs don’t know what he’s doing? He does it every time and it almost never works anymore.

It’s really unfair to pin all the Celtics problems on Paul Pierce though. The actual problem is that the Celtics are old and need to be rebuilt again, and soon. The longer Ainge waits, the worse this is going to be. He needs to trade a few of these guys while they still have some value in the NBA. After next year nobody is going to want Pierce or KG. As much as I would hate to see the “Big 3” get split up, this needs to happen. They won a championship, they achieved their goal. The “Big 3” have served their purpose for the Celtics. Hopefully Ainge realizes that he needs to make some moves before he ends up with another team like they had in the late 90’s. That’s “The Truth”.