Does anyone really care about the NBA All-Star weekend anymore? If it wasn’t for the skills competition the whole weekend would be a waste of time. The NBA killed the dunk contest with the stupid new rules that they made. I didn’t watch the dunk contest live, but I did see it on ESPN and everyone I heard talk about it said that it was a waste of time to even watch it. Nobody can even do a dunk without using a prop or someone else to throw them the ball. It’s a joke. Real dunkers can do it by themselves with no props or anybody to help them. But everyone knows that the world’s best dunkers aren’t in the NBA so the dunk contest really doesn’t matter anyway. Then we got the all-star game which is nothing more than a glorified street ball game with no defense. Just a total joke.

It’s not like the all-star weekend is a problem just in the NBA either. Everyone knows that the Pro Bowl sucks just as bad as the dunk contest and all-star game. It doesn’t help that the NFL did away with the skills competition either. I always thought that the skill competition was the best part of the Pro Bowl weekend. Now that they did away with it there’s really no reason to watch it. Baseball isn’t that bad because the MLB hasn’t ruined the Home Run Derby yet, but the all-star game is like watching paint dry.

I’m not sure what needs to be done about these 3 all-star weekends, but something needs to happen and fast. All three leagues need to go back to what they used to do before. They must know that people hate the all-star games and weekends. They either need to go back to how it was before, when people actually watched, or do away with these games all together. I’m sure that some people would rather not watch that sport for a couple of days rather than watching it be butchered by players they don’t care about because the star players also don’t care. It’s that simple. So do us a favor NBA, either fix this mess of a weekend or just do away with it. Nobody wants to watch this shit.