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Are Knicks fans serious with this lawsuit? Are they just mad that their new coach is going to put Lin back on the bench where he belongs? I don’t even know why people thought that Jeremy Lin was the answer to the all the Knicks problems. Did they really think that a player that a bunch of other teams passed on was really going to lead their team to the promise land or something? Ridiculous. The Knicks fans who filed this lawsuit should really be suing Time Warner for putting the Knicks games back on t.v. File that lawsuit.


In all seriousness I kinda feel bad for Mike D’Antoni. I mean towards the end he was pretty much trying anything he could to just get wins. Pulling people of the bench and Landry Fields couch. But in the end he just didn’t want to deal with this train wreck anymore and I can’t say that I blame him. When the smoke cleared from the smoke screen known as “Linsanity”, Jeremy Lin actually sucked and Carmelo was still bitching like a little girl. I mean some of the blame should go to D’Antoni, though. Sometimes when you’re an offensive “genius” you forget that your team still has to play defense and score more points than the other team to win. But that’s exactly why Carmelo and some of the other players are on the Knicks. They wanted to play offense and no defense. This was just the hand that D’Antoni was dealt. It’s someone else’s problem now.

As quick as some things begin, they can end just as quickly. This seems to be a point that was lost on not only Knicks fans, but a majority of all fans surrounding Linsanity. With lasts night loss to the Heat it seems as though the Lin bandwagon is beginning to empty just as fast as it filled up. I’m not saying that Jeremy Lin isn’t a good driver, but people are finally beginning to realize that turnovers do matter, especially when you only hit one shot from the floor the whole game. The Heat made Jeremy Lin look like a D League player and exposed him for what he truly is. The truth is Lin was a product of his own obscurity. No team in the league was showing game footage of this guy before last week because there was none. Now that teams have some game tape of Lin they have studied his tendencies and know his weaknesses. While Lin will probably still have some success against the lower teams in the league, in games against championship contenders such as the Heat he will be ineffective. They now know that when they crowd him he isn’t a great shooter and he will make turnovers. The sooner Knicks fans realize this the better. Then they can go back to watching Carmelo brick isolation 3’s and hoping that JR Smith doesn’t kill anyone.

P.S.- Maybe Nike should start worrying a little less about Jeremy Lin, and a little more about LeBron who’s their real moneymaker. Nike may have been a little premature in their judgement of Lin. Personally I think that they should be ashamed that they would even have a Jeremy Lin shoe in a line that includes Jordan and LeBron, but that’s just me.



These two clips almost tricked me into liking Jeremy Lin and Linsanity. The first video is probably one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Had to watch it 3 times to hear every part because I was laughing so hard. The second video is a video of Lin’s post game press conference after his loss to the Nets. This one was no where close to as funny as the first one, but still pretty funny because she called the Nets a “no good team”. In her defense it was a pretty valid question though.

Everyone is going crazy over Jeremy Lin but I’m still not convinced. I’m not saying that this guy can’t be a solid point guard, but he will never be the best. I think that a good percentage of Linsanity has emerged for the simple reason that the Knicks weren’t as good as they were supposed to be. Given the talent that they have on that team without injury, they actually suck. Then Jeremy Lin comes along and all the sudden the Knicks start winning games. The only problem with this is that they were playing teams in the basement of the NBA and Lin turns over the ball too much. This is the fatal flaw of Linsanity because turnovers lose games. I just think that all this attention is going to end up being too much too soon. We got Jason Whitlock talking about Lin’s penis and Kim Kardashian wanting to see what Whitlock was talking about. Instead of ESPN apologizing for the image they posted on their website, they should be apologizing for this poll that they posted:

Whoever put this poll up is the person that should really lose their job at ESPN.

Do these faces look familiar. If not, then they should. These are pictures that a 15-year-old Jeremy Lin posted on his Xanga blog, ChinkBalla88. Can’t even make this stuff up. In addition to that, Jason Whitlock tweeted about the Asian anatomy in a tweet that has some people extremely mad. Here’s that tweet:

Ok so let me get this right. People are mad at Jason Whitlock for saying that Jeremy Lin has a small penis, but not mad that Jeremy Lin referred to himself as a “Chink Balla”. Hopefully this is the worst that gets uncovered or happens during Linsanity, but for some reason I doubt that. If a story is too good to be true it usually is.

I also saw a sign that was titled the “Yellow Mamba”, playing of Kobe Bryant’s the “Black Mamba” that some people were saying was racist. Now that we know Lin has referred to himself as “ChinkBalla88” can we stop talking about the race card?