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It seems like for a second Amar’e forgot that he had fouled out, and then he remembered. But at least this is a sign that he is learning something from Carmelo. Have a nice summer Amar’e. Nice sportsmanship asshole.



No matter how many times Tyson Chandler says that he’s joking about his teammates defense, he’s really not. They suck.

If this isn’t the Knicks luck than I don’t know what is. Just classic Knicks. Lose 12 straight playoffs games and just getting handled by the Heat. Stoudemire is pissed that he lost and that Carmelo took 100 shots so he punches a fire extinguisher and cuts his hand on the glass. Good news for the Knicks is that their stats are actually better when Amare doesn’t play. In reality it’s not like they have a chance against the Heat anyway.

Did people think that Tim Tebow was going to receive a standing ovation from the crowd at Yankee Stadium? It doesn’t help that he was sitting next to D Wade who had just beat the Knicks earlier in the day, either. I hate that the NY media is playing this like Tim Tebow needs to win over the fans of New York type of thing. There were people cheering for D Wade and Tebow both. It’s a fact that Giants fans will hate Tim Tebow no matter what he does. Fans at Yankee Stadium will boo anyone for no reason. And some Jets fans don’t want Tebow. Maybe they booed him because they are sick of hearing about him over hyped by the media  and seeing him on the cover of every newspaper in town.  You add up all those people in New York and that equals a majority who are probably going to boo Tim Tebow. It’s not a surprise. Is it going to be breaking news when Tebow gets booed at Metlife when they play the Giants? C’mon.


Amare might not want to have the Knicks training staff take a look at that one. I think Carmelo Anthony had the same problem a while back but the only person who felt any pain from it was Mike D’Antoni. I could probably stick a Jeremy Lin joke in here, but Jason Whitlock already took care of that for me.

Now that Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets theres no doubt that Tebow mania will be reborn thanks to the NY media. I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch ESPN for more than 10 minutes at a time now. Now that Tebow is in NY though, the chances that he and Jeremy Lin end up doing something together goes through the roof. The similarities are too much to overlook. They’re both devout Catholics and outspoken about their beliefs.  They are kind of “failed expectations brothers” if you think about it. Both shot to the top of fame fast and fell into the bargain bin just as fast.  I really do think that if they are spotted out together or team up somehow the internet might break.

In all seriousness I kinda feel bad for Mike D’Antoni. I mean towards the end he was pretty much trying anything he could to just get wins. Pulling people of the bench and Landry Fields couch. But in the end he just didn’t want to deal with this train wreck anymore and I can’t say that I blame him. When the smoke cleared from the smoke screen known as “Linsanity”, Jeremy Lin actually sucked and Carmelo was still bitching like a little girl. I mean some of the blame should go to D’Antoni, though. Sometimes when you’re an offensive “genius” you forget that your team still has to play defense and score more points than the other team to win. But that’s exactly why Carmelo and some of the other players are on the Knicks. They wanted to play offense and no defense. This was just the hand that D’Antoni was dealt. It’s someone else’s problem now.

I don’t know if there is any more evidence that Linsanity is over than a bunch of Jeremy Lin merchandise with 50% off stickers all over it. You mean to tell me that some point guard from nowhere who has only started a handful of games isn’t a top 5 point guard? Preposterous!!! That a player who turns the ball over and couldn’t guard a pole isn’t a better player than every other PG in the NBA? Ya don’t say? Maybe Jeremy Lin should have waited until his first season was over to get off of Fields couch. Maybe next time the NY media won’t crown some no name player he puts up numbers on a consistent basis, but I doubt it. Not to worry though, in a month or two we should have another athlete who rockets to super stardom only to fall just as fast, straight into the bargain bin.

P.S.- Someone tell Lin to say whats up to Tim Tebow.

As quick as some things begin, they can end just as quickly. This seems to be a point that was lost on not only Knicks fans, but a majority of all fans surrounding Linsanity. With lasts night loss to the Heat it seems as though the Lin bandwagon is beginning to empty just as fast as it filled up. I’m not saying that Jeremy Lin isn’t a good driver, but people are finally beginning to realize that turnovers do matter, especially when you only hit one shot from the floor the whole game. The Heat made Jeremy Lin look like a D League player and exposed him for what he truly is. The truth is Lin was a product of his own obscurity. No team in the league was showing game footage of this guy before last week because there was none. Now that teams have some game tape of Lin they have studied his tendencies and know his weaknesses. While Lin will probably still have some success against the lower teams in the league, in games against championship contenders such as the Heat he will be ineffective. They now know that when they crowd him he isn’t a great shooter and he will make turnovers. The sooner Knicks fans realize this the better. Then they can go back to watching Carmelo brick isolation 3’s and hoping that JR Smith doesn’t kill anyone.

P.S.- Maybe Nike should start worrying a little less about Jeremy Lin, and a little more about LeBron who’s their real moneymaker. Nike may have been a little premature in their judgement of Lin. Personally I think that they should be ashamed that they would even have a Jeremy Lin shoe in a line that includes Jordan and LeBron, but that’s just me.

Everyone is going crazy over Jeremy Lin but I’m still not convinced. I’m not saying that this guy can’t be a solid point guard, but he will never be the best. I think that a good percentage of Linsanity has emerged for the simple reason that the Knicks weren’t as good as they were supposed to be. Given the talent that they have on that team without injury, they actually suck. Then Jeremy Lin comes along and all the sudden the Knicks start winning games. The only problem with this is that they were playing teams in the basement of the NBA and Lin turns over the ball too much. This is the fatal flaw of Linsanity because turnovers lose games. I just think that all this attention is going to end up being too much too soon. We got Jason Whitlock talking about Lin’s penis and Kim Kardashian wanting to see what Whitlock was talking about. Instead of ESPN apologizing for the image they posted on their website, they should be apologizing for this poll that they posted:

Whoever put this poll up is the person that should really lose their job at ESPN.