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Some of the absolute worse base running I’ve ever seen. Props to this kid for knowing that the Dodgers have no idea what they are doing out there. I’m guessing that there was nobody on first since this dude was telling James to go back to third, but James has to know better than that. Running on an infield pop-up? Amateur. And what’s up with field dad filming like a foot from the plate? Back up before you take a foul ball off the head. Your not filming a documentary, it’s a little league baseball game. I bet this is one of those leagues where everyone gets the same size trophy at the end of the year.



Look at these two just rubbing it in the face of this little kid that they got the ball and he didn’t. Just snapping pictures and making out while he sits there and cries. This guy is just breaking every single rule of baseball etiquette. First of all if your over a certain age, which this guy certainly is, your shouldn’t be going that hard for a foul ball. Period. If you don’t have a glove than you didn’t come there for a ball. Your old enough that you came there to watch the game. This little kid has probably been dreaming about catching a ball for weeks and you just rub it in his face that he didn’t. But in the end someone from the Rangers dugout gave the kid a ball and order was restored. The best line actually came from the announcer, who came out with this gem at the end. “Don’t worry kid, once his money’s gone, so is she.” Pure Gold. I actually hope that the guy hears that and gets to thinking. The biggest surprise of this whole thing thought were that these two weren’t Yankee fans. That would actually make sense.

Are the Royals really that bad that this guy would rather read a book than watch them play a game? Front row seats and you’d rather read a novel? That’s just another whole level of indifference. I bet he reads the same book in the bathroom, too.

Do the Red Sox management think before they make decisions, or are they just trying to undermine their new manager on purpose? I mean that’s the only explanation that I can think of as to why they invited Terry Francona to Red Sox opening day. Why in the world would you have a more successful manager who you basically fired, come back to the stadium on opening day? In the beginning Francona was against this probably because he didn’t think it would go well for him. Then he sees that Bobby V is making a complete fool out of himself and losing the team and figures, why not? And it played out as well as it could for Francona. He gets a standing ovation, while Bobby V gets booed during the game. Great decision Red Sox management. You thought that last season was a disaster? Wait until we’re not even at the all-star break and Bobby V has lost the whole team and everyone is calling for him to be fired. Then you’ll be wishing that the worst thing that happened this season was that players were eating chicken and drinking beer in the clubhouse.


How can an umpire in the MLB keep his job when it is this obvious that he is horrible at his job. It’s one thing for an umpire to have an established strike zone that is bad in some places or for a veteran pitcher, but this is ridiculous. A foot outside the zone? I can maybe see pitch 4 being called a strike but the rest are awful calls. This isn’t something new forĀ  the umpire, Larry Vanover, either. Last week he supposedly had the same problem in a Mets/Nationals game. Maybe after 21 years in the league it’s time to retire?

Everyone knew that this was going to come sooner or later, it just happened to come sooner than everybody thought. Valentine made some comments on Sunday in which he seems to question Youkilis and his commitment. Youkilis talked to Valentine about the comments earlier Monday and Valentine apologized for the comments. This is one of the reasons that I don’t think that Bobby Valentine is the right choice for the coach of the Red Sox. This guy talks to the media about everything and doesn’t know when to keep quiet, and you can’t do that in Boston. It just doesn’t work that way. Now you got Pedroia coming out and questioning Valentine in the press and this may be the beginning of the end. Once Valentine gets on the wrong side of two of the players that the Red Sox are built on he is going to lose the team, if he already hasn’t. Once the team leaders turn on the coach the situation is never good. I hope that by the end of the season we aren’t wishing that the worse thing that happened was that some players ate some chicken and drank some beer.


I don’t even know why Bear Grylls would do this. I really don’t. Did he have to prove that he could light a baseball on fire? We know that you can light shit on fire Bear, we’ve watched you do it on tv all the time. And look at the stands in the background. There’s only like 30 people in the first 5 rows. Pitiful. Just goes to show you that just because the ownership changed, your still stuck with the same crappy team. Even if you have Bear Grylls throwing out the first pitch after he lights it on fire. An for a supposed “survivalist”, Grylls looked like he had kind of a tough time lighting that baseball on fire.

This is probably the most excitement that Oriole fans will experience all season. The cops don’t even try to get this guy probably because most of the fans would rather watch some guy run around in a cape than the Orioles play baseball. By the time they did actually catch him there were more cops on the field than actual players. What they should have done is given Batman here a glove and let him play. Can’t be any worse than losing to a community college, right?

There’s just nothing better than an all out brawl between two teams that hate each other. Even if they don’t hate each other, there’s still nothing better. Nothing better than seeing 40 teenagers run out onto the field to throw some wild hay makers, you know? Just really get out there and get into it with the other team. I’m guessing that the kids in the yellow jerseys were Yuba City JV. These kids were out for blood. They are absolutely destroying that kid at :08 seconds. Got him down on the ground beating the shit out of him. The best part of the video is at :37 seconds though. When the team mom appears on the left side of the video. She’s really the star of the video. She probably batted cleanup in some semipro softball league until she was kicked out for using performance enhancers. Just an absolute legend. She does not give a F***.