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With lasts week 40-14 blowout of the Broncos by the Bills is it officially time to say that Tebow Time is over? Now that the Broncos have lost two in a row are people finally seeing Tebow for what he is? People need to realize that this is simply a gimmick offense, no different from the wildcat. Now that teams have found the answer to how to stop it, and have evolved, Tebow Time may be over as quickly as it begun. I’m just surprised that Tebow was allowed to throw the ball as many times as he was. Obviously it didn’t work, as he was intercepted 4 times, but that’s simply because he can’t throw. I’m just surprised that it took teams this long to work out a game plan to counteract a college game plan. Like it or not Tebow fans, that’s exactly what Tim Tebow is, a college, not pro style, quarterback. That’s probably all he’ll ever be.


With the Pro Bowl rosters being released, I was left with a few questions. First question is who actually watches the Pro Bowl? How do they expect people to watch it if they don’t vote in the best players? The biggest problem I had with the whole selection process was the simple fact that somehow this is going to be made to be all about Tim Tebow again. He’s the second alternate people. As far as I’m concerned he shouldn’t even be able to step on the field with the best in the league. Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford should be selected in front of Tebow all day, every day. No question.

I was thinking about watching it because 8 Patriots players were selected, but if you think that they are actually going to play your crazy.

For your present, you get to be choked out by Kevin Garnett.

P.S.- Bill Walker cut your little dreads, they look stupid.

P.P.S.-Baron Davis was the only one willing to fight and he was in a 3 piece suit.

How bad of a person do you have to be for Santa not to like you? Now, it’s pretty obvious that Old Saint Nick here has a little bit of a drinking problem but you would too if you were stuck at the north pole with a bunch of little people. How long do you think that LeBron has been on the Naughty List? Did so many kids only wish for Santa to heckle LeBron, that he actually had to show up at a game? Those kids that he knocked down at camp during the lockout probably all wrote the same letter.

Dear Santa,

As you probably already know, LeBron James is an asshole. My only wish for this year is that you show up at every game and heckle him. Expose him for the fraud he is. You don’t have to show up during the playoffs because he’s bad enough on his own then. My mom told me it was better to give than receive, so I want you to give LeBron hell for the rest of the season.

Thank You

P.S.- Get Dwayne Wade something really, really nice since he didn’t knock me down during what was supposed to be the best moment of my life so far.

Santa probably got so many of these that he had no choice.

A lot of guys do the flip, but Simpson is the first I’ve ever seen actually land it for a touchdown. Best TD I’ve seen in the NFL in a while. Bengals players actually receive “Get Out of Jail Free” cards when they make a nice play. Jerome Simpson should get a “Get Off the Bengals” card for that play. Just absolutely sticking the landing.

Hey LeBron, guess you shouldn’t have gotten so used to playing against kids during the lockout. Should have been practicing free throws instead of playing flag football, too.

This is why Kobe will always be the best player in the league. Kobe’s getting divorced and has 105 girls to choose from. LeBron’s just trying to keep his mom away from his teammates.

C’mon Monta Ellis clean it up man. You got a wife, and your sending some lady who works for the Warriors pics? It’s not like it was just once either. This lady is suing Monta Ellis for sexual harassment. She may be just plain crazy, talking about this secret phone and stuff, but I don’t know if one of the fastest guys in the NBA can run fast enough to get away from this mess. Next time you want to show off your little Warrior Monta Ellis, make sure it’s to your wife.

If this is true, I’ll be the first one to say good for you Mark Sanchez. You don’t deserve it, but good for you. In reality everyone knows that no one on the Jets can score on anyone, so I doubt it.

P.S.- What are the chances that Cromartie has a kid he doesn’t know the name of with Kate Upton? Once Kate sees Sanchez actually play in a game, probably pretty good.

P.P.S.- Gronkowski’s already been there, done that. Hey Jets, how’s it feel to always get the Patriots leftovers?

If there were no jerseys in this picture you could use it as a mug shot. Going to have to put these three on suicide watch for the rest of the season.

Has Chris Kaman been living in the woods during the lockout? The Hornets probably had to hire someone to go out and find him. By the look of it when they found him they punched him in the eye, and threw him in a van or something. They probably told him two seconds before this press conference that Chris Paul wasn’t on the team anymore. Poor Chris Kaman. Hey look at the bright side at least you aren’t Kris Humphries.

With the passing of Kim Jong Il, I would just like to send out a RIP to history’s greatest golfer. I the history of golf, the sport has never seen anyone who could play like Kim Jong Il.From the first time he ever picked up a club he was a natural, shooting a 34 under on a 18 hole course. That’s 11 holes in one. Legendary. Better than Tiger, better than Lefty, Il will go down in the history books as the best golfer to ever pick up a club. You will be missed. Not by me, but probably by these people.

For those of you who say that I’m a little late with this story I say that you can never be too careful with the N. Korean government. Gotta make sure that this guy just doesn’t pop back up.