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Now that Tebowing is officially over, I thought that the fans in Denver could use a new fad for a while. This new fad is in honor of the one and only Peyton Manning, aptly named “Manninging”. It’s really easy. All you do is take your right hand and put it on your neck. At the same time your going to want to make an expression of great pain. That’s all there is to it. pretty simple, right? If you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, here’s what it should look like:

Hey Denver fans, if you really want get the full effect of being Peyton Manning you can add a few simple steps. If you’re at work, locate your boss and “Manninging” in front of him. He’ll no doubt be regretting the decision he made to hire you over the much younger employee he fired. If you’re at home with the family, try “Manninging” in front of your younger, more successful, brother as your proud parents watch. Don’t pay any attention to the least successful, third brother standing in the corner. Nobody cares about him. The most important part of “Manninging” is to never stop no matter how much the pain hurts, because at the end of the day your getting paid and that’s all that matters, right?


Thank the Lord, Tebow Time has finally ended. The only question now is where Tim Tebow will go now? Peyton has left a couple of teams in a tough place now that they’ve spent all free agency pursuing one player. The 49ers will probably crawl back to Alex Smith on their hands and knees, but the Dolphins are still in need of a QB. I never thought that I would ever say this, but I am in favor of the Patriots trading for Tebow if it means that they screw over the Dolphins. I actually just threw up in my mouth a little bit while typing this, but I managed to keep it down.  I just have to keep telling myself that Tebow would actually ever see the field as a QB if he were to play for the Patriots. Either way Tebow time is officially over and I am extremely thankful. I would like to thank Jim Irsay and John Elway, even though I hate Irsay and Elway has teeth like an actual horse. Either way I have to thank them for their integral parts in ending Tebow Time. Thank You.

How big of a kick in the balls would it be to the Broncos if Manning got hurt and they traded Tebow? That’s a ticket to the basement of the NFL for a good half a century.

It’s official. Peyton Manning has chose the Denver Broncos as his new team for next season. Manning has reportedly called John Elway to tell him that the he has picked the Broncos and told his agent to get a deal done with Denver.Now that the Peyton Manning dog and pony show is over, it’s now time for the Tim Tebow dog and pony show to start. Now we will be subjected to around the clock updates of where Tim Tebow will be traded and when. This is all based on the opinion of some that Tebow actually has any trade value at all in the NFL. A team will have to be pretty desperate to take a chance on a player who calls himself a QB, but can’t throw the ball. Might be a problem. The only good thing that’s going to come out of this for Tebow is that thanks to Manning there will be a couple of teams in desperate need of a QB. Tebow should thank Manning for stringing along all these teams because that will be the only way he actually gets traded for. Worse case scenario is that he doesn’t get traded and Elway constantly has to watch his biggest mistake sit on the bench all next season. Either way, Tebow Time and the Peyton Show are officially over. Feel free to take to the streets in celebration.

P.S.- Now Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow are almost exactly alike. Both headed back to the bench.

P.P.S.- I am going to be pissed if the Broncos keep Tebow and Manning ends up getting hurt. Pissed. I’ll be even madder if he goes to the Dolphins and I have to watch him run around like a chicken with his head cut off against the Patriots twice a year.  If you were Manning why would you pass up the 49ers? Better offense, better defense, better overall. The Broncos got into the playoffs on a fluke, but if Peyton thinks that he can lead them to a Super Bowl, good luck to him.

With reports surfacing that the Broncos are going to make a push to sign Peyton Manning, this may signal the end of Tebow-Mania, something that I have eagerly awaited. For too long I have been subjected to the over hyping and over publicizing of a sub par quarterback with the accuracy of a civil war musket. Are Denver Broncos fans so desperate for the next coming of John Elway that they will put up with watching their quarterback throw only 5 passes in a game,  4 of which are straight into the ground? Are you kidding me? Anyway you look at this, getting Peyton Manning is the best move for the Broncos at the QB position. I don’t care if Peyton’s whole right side was f****** paralyzed the Broncos should still make him an offer. If the Broncos staff had to wheel Peyton out onto the field in a wheelchair he would still have a better throwing motion than Tebow. It’s about time the Elway see the writing on the wall and move on from this circus act that is, actually was, Tebow-Mania. Since I doubt that Tim Tebow will start believing in evolution and develop a passing game anytime soon, Elway better make Peyton an offer he can’t refuse.

Who is Brady Quinn to say anything about another quarterback in the NFL? I mean Tim Tebow sucks, so what does that say for Brady Quinn? You get cut from the Cleveland Browns and when you get on the Broncos you can’t even beat out Tim Tebow? You can’t beat out a guy who only throws the football 5 times a game, with 3 of those throws going straight into the ground, and you call yourself a quarterback? The only part of your argument that’s even plausible is the part about Tebow praying on the field in front of the cameras for attention. That was kind of plausible before I remembered that Brady Quinn went to Notre Dame, where football is tied to religion as Tim Tebow is. Brady Quinn should have just told everyone the truth. He should have just said that the Broncos defense is the only reason that they won any games. Instead he went after Tim Tebow because he knew it would get people talking about him, then took to Twitter to apologize. Well mission accomplished Quinn, people are talking about you now. You just better hope that NFL teams are talking when you get released from the Broncos, but I doubt it. No matter how much I don’t like Tim Tebow as a player, but he would never let any pictures like this come out. And this isn’t the only picture of Brady Quinn doing this with other guys. Maybe Quinn doesn’t like Tebow because he wouldn’t pose for a picture with him?

With the Patriots decisive win over Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, “Tebow Time” as the clinically insane call it, has finally been put out of its’ misery. Even though I know it won’t happen, I hope that people now see Tim Tebow for the fraud that he is and has always been. He is nothing more than a product of the option system, just as the wildcat offense was last year. No different. With that whole situation cleared up, now we can finally move on. But first a look back at the game and some key points

-The Broncos took a page right out of Bill Belichick’s play book by deferring the kickoff when they won the coin toss. What John Fox forgot was that for deferring to be successful you need a good offense. Someone also forgot to tell him that the option doesn’t work when your down by 30+. Whoops.

– Using Aaron Hernandez as a RB totally screwed the Broncos D for the whole game. That combined with the hurry up totally confused them. Even when Hernandez lined up as a TE, the Broncos still couldn’t cover him.

-There should be no debate who is the best TE in the league after that game. I know the Vernon Davis had a huge game, and Jimmy Graham did too, but neither had 3 TD’s.

– If Phil Simms and Jim Nantz couldn’t tell that Gronkowski caught that ball when he dove for the TD, then they shouldn’t be in the booth. Period.

-Brandon Spikes and Patrick Chung brought an energy to the Patriots defense that hasn’t been seen all season.

-The Patriots special teams is one of the best in the NFL.

-When Broncos fans watch regular season games on a local channel are they subjected to only religious commercials? The only reason I because I doubt that if we weren’t playing Tebow we would have seen a John 3:16 commercial.

-The most surprising thing I saw all game was at the end of the game there was a prayer circle and Tebow walked right by it. I was shocked to say the least.

-I’m trying not to get to excited about the defense, after all it was the Broncos, but it was there best game all season.

– I didn’t see one shot of John Elway all game. He’s probably been on 24 hour suicide watch since the first snap of the game. I bet he regrets jumping on the bandwagon now.

– I’m just glad that Patriots fans would rather drink Budweiser than the Kool- Aid.

Next week it’s the Ravens coming to Gillette in a game that should have the Patriots as heavy favorites going in. Watching the game today, as long as you stop Ray Rice and don’t turn the ball over, the Ravens aren’t that great of a team. From what I saw today all the criticism of Joe Flacco isn’t that far off. One player to watch is going to Ed Reed, who came down awkwardly on his left leg on the last play of the game against the Texans. If he isn’t able to go against the Patriots the Ravens are going to be in trouble.

Big Ben just rocking a fedora like a boss after a losing to Tim Tebow and the Broncos yesterday. There’s only 3 reasons I can think of why anyone would wear a hat like this on purpose:

1. Incognito- Big Ben can’t be going out looking like his usual self hitting the clubs. Multiple rape accusations don’t fade over night. Ask Kobe.

2. Helmet- After you mess up your face that bad you can’t hit your crotch rocket without some form of head protection. This should do.

3. Bet- He was probably like, “If we don’t beat Denver, iIll wear a fedora to the post-game interview”.  Bad choice.

Or maybe he just thinks it looks good?

P.S.- Your telling me that Hines Ward or someone else couldn’t stop Ben and be like “Hell no you ain’t going out there like that”. This shit would never happen on the Patriots. Which is why this guy is gone.



With lasts week 40-14 blowout of the Broncos by the Bills is it officially time to say that Tebow Time is over? Now that the Broncos have lost two in a row are people finally seeing Tebow for what he is? People need to realize that this is simply a gimmick offense, no different from the wildcat. Now that teams have found the answer to how to stop it, and have evolved, Tebow Time may be over as quickly as it begun. I’m just surprised that Tebow was allowed to throw the ball as many times as he was. Obviously it didn’t work, as he was intercepted 4 times, but that’s simply because he can’t throw. I’m just surprised that it took teams this long to work out a game plan to counteract a college game plan. Like it or not Tebow fans, that’s exactly what Tim Tebow is, a college, not pro style, quarterback. That’s probably all he’ll ever be.

I know that I’m in the shrinking category of those who still don’t believe in the power of Tim Tebow, and I don’t care. I just can’t get behind the thought of supporting a QB who is a RB. Can’t do it. The thing is, if Tebow wanted to be a RB, I’d be all for it. But for some reason the Broncos and everyone else want to believe that Tebow is something that he isn’t. I know that some people don’t like him because of his religious beliefs and how he goes about them. I could really give a shit less, believe in anything you want. That’s not why I dislike him. I dislike him for one reason and that reason is that he can’t throw. Period. I have never seen WR’s have to dive and go down to catch a ball more than the Denver WR’s. Every ball the guy throws is basically into the ground. That’s why he has to run, because he can’t throw, and that’s why I don’t like him. He can lead comebacks for the rest of his life and I will never like him or think of him as a QB in the NFL.

Are the Broncos joking with running the option? Why would they draft a quarterback who can’t throw the ball? This is like the wildcat offense just way worse. There is a reason why college teams have to run the option in football. Because the defenses are simple and the receivers aren’t that great. In the NFL the defenses are way more complicated than college. Now were at the point where the Broncos know that they drafted someone who is only a QB because he stands behind the center. Newsflash QBs throw the ball, not underhand toss it to the RB, or just run it themselves. Congrats you beat the Chiefs and Raiders in the last two weeks. Hail Tebow. Dude only completed 2 passes. Broncos fans better open their eyes because there’s a reason fade offenses don’t last in the NFL. But the Broncos have no chance of beating any top-tier team in the league anyway, so have fun buying your custom-made Jesus jerseys. Better have a spot in the closet for that bad boy come next year. Grow up Broncos.