How bad of a person do you have to be for Santa not to like you? Now, it’s pretty obvious that Old Saint Nick here has a little bit of a drinking problem but you would too if you were stuck at the north pole with a bunch of little people. How long do you think that LeBron has been on the Naughty List? Did so many kids only wish for Santa to heckle LeBron, that he actually had to show up at a game? Those kids that he knocked down at camp during the lockout probably all wrote the same letter.

Dear Santa,

As you probably already know, LeBron James is an asshole. My only wish for this year is that you show up at every game and heckle him. Expose him for the fraud he is. You don’t have to show up during the playoffs because he’s bad enough on his own then. My mom told me it was better to give than receive, so I want you to give LeBron hell for the rest of the season.

Thank You

P.S.- Get Dwayne Wade something really, really nice since he didn’t knock me down during what was supposed to be the best moment of my life so far.

Santa probably got so many of these that he had no choice.