With lasts week 40-14 blowout of the Broncos by the Bills is it officially time to say that Tebow Time is over? Now that the Broncos have lost two in a row are people finally seeing Tebow for what he is? People need to realize that this is simply a gimmick offense, no different from the wildcat. Now that teams have found the answer to how to stop it, and have evolved, Tebow Time may be over as quickly as it begun. I’m just surprised that Tebow was allowed to throw the ball as many times as he was. Obviously it didn’t work, as he was intercepted 4 times, but that’s simply because he can’t throw. I’m just surprised that it took teams this long to work out a game plan to counteract a college game plan. Like it or not Tebow fans, that’s exactly what Tim Tebow is, a college, not pro style, quarterback. That’s probably all he’ll ever be.