Frank McCourt must have absolutely shit his pants when he saw that Magic Johnson’s group had offered a bid of $2 Billion Dollars. I bet you they didn’t even have to look at the rest of the bids to know that they weren’t as high as that, because bidding any higher than that would just be stupid. The Dodgers know that. They know that any person in their right mind wouldn’t have even submitted a price above $1 Billion, which was what the franchise was valued at. So the question now is why would anybody in their right mind offer to pay 2x the estimated value? I know that the Dodgers television contract is rights are going to be up for bids between the largest broadcast stations in the world, but I don’t even think that warrants this type of price for the franchise. Everyone is talking about how the Lakers television contract is $5 Billion and how Magic Johnson’s group is looking to cash in on that money, but they are forgetting two major points. 1. That $5 Billion is spread out over 25 years. Spending $2 Billion to make $5 Billion is a great investment, but 25 years is a long time to wait for that money. It will be almost 10 years until they see a return on their investment at all. And all this is based on a Lakers television contract which is so high because the Lakers are good. The television contract for a team that doesn’t win titles and is competing against 4 other teams in California for viewers. I don’t know about you, but $2 Billion is a lot of money for a couple of “ifs” and “whens”.