I refuse to believe that the NBA lockout will end. Refuse. Just when it looks like I will get to see some of the best players in the world play selfish basketball all around the world, David Stern decides he wants basketball. I don’t think so. What does he think is going to happen. The league is going to end up playing under 70 games. You know what this means? It means that a bunch of shitty teams are going to make the playoffs, and no one will care anyway. It also means that we get the privilege of watching hundreds of out of shape players who thought they wouldn’t have to play this year. T.V. ratings are going to be through the roof. Injuries galore. It’s only a tentative agreement anyway, so there’s a chance it could fall through, and I hope it does. On the other hand, if the season stops the production of some players rap careers, I’m all for it.