Tim Tebow has done what some of his followers may call a “miracle”. Due basically to his recent “success”, or whatever you want to call it, the Chargers have managed to sell enough tickets to get their local tv station to lift the blackout on their game. The worst part is that local tv was not going to lift the blackout even though before the game Junior Seau will be inducted into the Chargers Hall of Fame. No wonder the poor guy drove his car off a cliff. I mean what happened to the Chargers. They were supposed to be on of the best teams in the league this year. Right now their tied for last in their division with the Chiefs. I bet the whole team wishes they had been in that car with Seau and hit a wall harder than Philip Rivers career did. LaDainian Tomlinson should send the Chargers a fruit basket for not resigning him. But on second thought Mark Sanchez might be a little to big to fit in a basket.