If you watched the Patriots vs. Steelers game on Sunday then you saw a game which was not as close as the score indicated. Never have I seen a defense give up more 3rd down completions. There is no reason why the Steelers should be completing multiple 3rd and 15’s. This is not only a step back for the D this is a fall back. And don’t expect the secondary to get any better either. With Bodden cut and Dowling on IR, the rest of the season might be a long one for the D. People can blame the loss on the Gronkowski no TD call all they want. The fact of the matter is Brady burned almost 2 minutes off the clock after that play. Gostkowski didn’t exactly help the cause with that onside kick. They could have put a toddler out there and got the ball farther than that. On the bright side at least Faulk had a decent game. I guess in celebration of Halloween the coaching staff decided to let one of the living dead play.