With all the talk of who T.O. will sign with, it only makes sense to compare him to other WR’s out there. What might have hurt T.O.’s open practice was the release of Berrian by the Vikings right around the same time as the scheduled practice. Realistically it was probably because the two to five teams that are interested, actually desperate, didn’t want to show up and be the only ones there. Both Berrian and T.O. have both had problems with teams in the past. The argument for which to sign basically comes to which player has more to offer at the lower price. Teams will be more willing to give Berrian more money than T.O. based on how much he has left. T.O. looked good in his practice, but Berrian is more of a sure thing right now. Either way any team who needs a WR definitely has the upper hand in signing either of these guys.