Yesterday Floyd Mayweather Jr. was found not guilty on misdemeanor harassment charges from an argument over parking tickets he received within his gated community. During the argument Mayweather reportedly told the armed security guards that his friends had guns, and could take care of them if he wanted them to. I don’t really blame Mayweather on this one. Dudes got 29 cars. There’s no way you can park them all in a driveway. If I live in a gated community in a $9 million house these security guards should be guarding the cars that don’t fit in my driveway making sure that bugs and stuff don’t land on them. It’s not like he was arguing with them because he couldn’t afford the ticket. This is a guy who counts a couple of million and puts the video on youtube. By looking at all his pending court cases, these guys are just lucky that he didn’t beat the s*** out of them for touching his cars.