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After last nights monster performance by Paul Pierce he did what some are saying was “Tebowing”. I’m not quite sure that’s what it was though. I just think that basically Paul Pierce was saying thank you. That’s all. And since when did praying become “Tebowing”? Are you serious? Players have been doing this before games forever, and they will keep doing it forever. I guess it just took an overrated, back up QB to bring it to the media’s attention. Give me a break. If your a real Celtics fan you will have no problem with me stating that Pierce is a drama queen, who complains about no foul calls every time he drives in  lane. I think that this is just an extension of his overly expressive emotions.

Remember this-


Now that Tebowing is officially over, I thought that the fans in Denver could use a new fad for a while. This new fad is in honor of the one and only Peyton Manning, aptly named “Manninging”. It’s really easy. All you do is take your right hand and put it on your neck. At the same time your going to want to make an expression of great pain. That’s all there is to it. pretty simple, right? If you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, here’s what it should look like:

Hey Denver fans, if you really want get the full effect of being Peyton Manning you can add a few simple steps. If you’re at work, locate your boss and “Manninging” in front of him. He’ll no doubt be regretting the decision he made to hire you over the much younger employee he fired. If you’re at home with the family, try “Manninging” in front of your younger, more successful, brother as your proud parents watch. Don’t pay any attention to the least successful, third brother standing in the corner. Nobody cares about him. The most important part of “Manninging” is to never stop no matter how much the pain hurts, because at the end of the day your getting paid and that’s all that matters, right?

I know that I’m a little late on the newest big news on the Tim Tebow front, but that’s only for the simple fact that I don’t care about Tim Tebow. What I do care about though, is kids acting stupid. Throw out all this shit that the teachers are saying about safety and protecting the students. Who cares about that stuff. What gets me mad is these kids blatant disrespect for their hometown football teams. I say teams because these kids are from New York and are lucky enough, depending on how you look at it, to have the choice of rooting for two teams. This being said, how can they even think of Tebowing in the halls during class when they have so many other people they can imitate. Here is a short list of my suggestions:

1. Eli-ing- Just walk around with a stupid look on your face all day. Most of you probably Eli all day without even knowing it.

2. Osi-ing- Refuse to go to school until the principle meets all your demands.

3.Cromartie-ing- Have a child with as many of your school mates possible.

4.Revis-ing- Just follow someone around all day, extremely close. Do not let them pick up anything all day.

5. Burress-ing- Do I even have to say it?

6.Tomlinson-ing- Be an all-star at another school then get kicked out.

7. Ryaning- Just eat a shit load and get fat. Simple.

All of these actions are relatively easy to do with little practice. If you want to be like both teams just start out your sports seasons with super high expectations and never meet them. My prediction is that after Sunday, not as many people will be Tebowing anymore when he gets exposed.

If this isn’t the biggest blow to Tebow fans, then I don’t know what is. First they get absolutely crushed by the Lions, who have cooled down a little bit since their hot start. Then while their getting demolished, Stephen Tulloch pulls what is now being called “Tebowing” after he sacked Tebow. Oh Twitter you come through again. Blowing up a fad to epic proportions, so it can be done right in the face of the person it was modeled after.

P.S. – Fun Fact.  It’s a common misconception that “Tebowing” is the stance which Tebow takes when praying. This is incorrect. It’s actually modeled after Tebow getting back up to his feet after a sack.