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This is how you gotta coach your team. Just keep knocking down the best player on the team to show the rest of the players that nobody is getting off easy. So what does he do? Just levels this chick in practice. It’s partially her own fault since she was just going so much harder than everybody else, running at top speed. You want to go that hard than don’t be surprised when your weave is laying on the ground. The next girl was so shook that she didn’t even catch the first pass. Mission accomplished.

P.S.- Is lingerie football the only sport where they were more clothing is practice than in the actual game?


Ok, maybe D Wade doesn’t cut up LeBron’s steak and spaghetti but someone does when he orders it, probably Chris Bosh. In an interview with a steakhouse server who has served LeBron in the past, she says that LeBron drinks apple martinis and orders his steak well done and pre-cut up. I’m pretty sure that this has something to do with the fact that LeBron has had everything handed to him throughout his entire life, but don’t you think that someone should have taken care of this by now? Don’t you think that Delonte West should have stepped up and broken this habit. You know Delonte can’t have his almost step son going around ordering his food cut up like a baby and drinking girly drinks. This is why LeBron will never win anything. This is why Dwayne Wade will always be the best player on the Heat. This is why LeBron won’t play in the dunk contest.

I’m 100% sure that this kid cuts up his own food.




Congratulations to Kobe Bryant, who in a loss to the 76ers passed Shaq for 5th place on the all time scorers list. I don’t think that Kobe will ever touch Malone or Kareem, but he could get to 3rd on the list if he doesn’t have any major injuries. I’m not sure that he’s the best player to ever play on the Lakers as Shaq said, but we’ll see when his career is all said and done.

Shaq should have dropped to last on the list when this came out: