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I can’t tell whether Ricky Williams has had too many concussions or he is just super high. I get where he is coming from in terms of how the NFL handles concussions. But he’s missing the whole point. If you get a concussion and can still see straight you don’t run back onto the field and don’t tell anyone just because you’re going to see your witch doctor on Monday. You sit out. That is the connection Ricky. You play football then you’re going to hit your head. A concussion is a blow to the head. Link. So instead of listening to science which is the new “deity” of culture we should listen to Ricky Williams? So he is the new “deity”? I’m lost. Maybe he doesn’t feel any effects because he retired a few times and didn’t take years of a consecutive beating. Memo to NFL players: If you don’t want to suffer the effects of concussions smoke a bunch of weed, retire a couple of times, sleep in a tent for a while, and be a deadbeat dad. That should take care of your problems.






“Oil Can” Boyd admitted to using cocaine during his career in an interview on Wednesday. My question is whether this is even news worthy. No shit you used cocaine, the whole league used cocaine during the 80’s. People probably used it like they used chewing tobacco today. The only reason this should be news worthy was if he was announcing that he was changing his name to “8 Ball” Boyd. Rolls of the tongue easier.

As soon as this video starts you know it’s going to be good. As soon as the reporter, John Sutcliffe, speaks a word of Spanish a look of sheer terror comes across Gronk’s face. Two questions probably popped into Gronkowski’s mind right then.

#1.- How the hell did this guy get into here without speaking english?

#2.- What the hell did you just say?

But like everything else Gronk does he decided just to have fun with it. Go with the flow and have some fun. If you don’t love this kid then there’s something wrong with you. Yo soy fiesta! Gronk didn’t know how right he was. Dude is a walking party.

Probably the best interview that John Sutcliffe has ever done hands down. That’s hard to do when you deliver sideline reports like this on the regular: