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Some of the absolute worse base running I’ve ever seen. Props to this kid for knowing that the Dodgers have no idea what they are doing out there. I’m guessing that there was nobody on first since this dude was telling James to go back to third, but James has to know better than that. Running on an infield pop-up? Amateur. And what’s up with field dad filming like a foot from the plate? Back up before you take a foul ball off the head. Your not filming a documentary, it’s a little league baseball game. I bet this is one of those leagues where everyone gets the same size trophy at the end of the year.



Look at these two just rubbing it in the face of this little kid that they got the ball and he didn’t. Just snapping pictures and making out while he sits there and cries. This guy is just breaking every single rule of baseball etiquette. First of all if your over a certain age, which this guy certainly is, your shouldn’t be going that hard for a foul ball. Period. If you don’t have a glove than you didn’t come there for a ball. Your old enough that you came there to watch the game. This little kid has probably been dreaming about catching a ball for weeks and you just rub it in his face that he didn’t. But in the end someone from the Rangers dugout gave the kid a ball and order was restored. The best line actually came from the announcer, who came out with this gem at the end. “Don’t worry kid, once his money’s gone, so is she.” Pure Gold. I actually hope that the guy hears that and gets to thinking. The biggest surprise of this whole thing thought were that these two weren’t Yankee fans. That would actually make sense.