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It seems like for a second Amar’e forgot that he had fouled out, and then he remembered. But at least this is a sign that he is learning something from Carmelo. Have a nice summer Amar’e. Nice sportsmanship asshole.


If this isn’t the Knicks luck than I don’t know what is. Just classic Knicks. Lose 12 straight playoffs games and just getting handled by the Heat. Stoudemire is pissed that he lost and that Carmelo took 100 shots so he punches a fire extinguisher and cuts his hand on the glass. Good news for the Knicks is that their stats are actually better when Amare doesn’t play. In reality it’s not like they have a chance against the Heat anyway.


Amare might not want to have the Knicks training staff take a look at that one. I think Carmelo Anthony had the same problem a while back but the only person who felt any pain from it was Mike D’Antoni. I could probably stick a Jeremy Lin joke in here, but Jason Whitlock already took care of that for me.