With Ed Reed bringing up the well known point that Joe Flacco may be soft, the question of just how soft is Joe Flacco is raised. To answer this question we can look at some points from Flacco’s past.

Point #1- Flacco transferred to Delaware in college when he could not beat out Tyler Palko at Pitt. Delaware was a Division 1-AA school, while Pitt was a Division 1 school. Palko went undrafted in the NFL before getting picked up by the Chiefs. Basically he couldn’t beat out Palko so he went to somewhere he was guaranteed to start.

Point #2- Joe Flacco still lives with his parents. The guy makes $8.6 Million a year. He also claimed that he switched colleges to be closer to home.

Point #3- He cares what people think of him.

“I don’t care, I’ll be wearing a ring and we’ll holding a trophy and the perception probably won’t change but it doesn’t really matter.” – Joe Flacco

Obviously you do care.

Point #4- He took this wedding photo.

Point #4- Who even grows a fuman chu anymore? Leave the mustache growing to real players.

In my eyes, those points add up to someone being softer than baby poo. His mom probably lays his pajamas out so he can go to bed after practice.