If you haven’t heard yet, Ed Reed has made news by doing what he usually doesn’t do. Talk. In an interview Monday on XM NFL Radio, Flacco made some comments on how Flacco and the coaching staff basically need to get it together. Reed also called out the offensive line, saying that they needed to block for Flacco better. Some people seem to have an issue with the way Reed went about making these comments. That he probably shouldn’t have publicly said these things about Flacco. This is true to a point, but it would have been 10x worse if all the things he said weren’t true. Joe Flacco is the softest part of the Ravens. Period. The offensive line may need to block better, but Flacco needs to learn to move in the pocket. He can’t just stand there like a statue and expect not to get sacked. Bottom line is that I’m going to believe anything that comes out of Ed Reed or Ray Lewis’s mouth, especially when it has to do with their own team.