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LeBron said today that he could see a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the future, and that he hopes that the fans would welcome him back. What? Is LeBron that self absorbed that he thinks Cleveland would welcome him back after he let down the whole city? LeBron was the biggest and best thing that Cleveland had ever seen. A homegrown superstar who grew up to play not far from where he honed the skills that make him one of the best basketball players today. I don’t think he even realizes what he did to that city. Totally disrespected the people who had made him what he is and were his biggest fan. On tv no less. So no LeBron, I don’t think that the fans of Cleveland will welcome you back. They will probably be there waiting for you, but they probably won’t be very welcoming.


As probably everyone has heard by now, Randy Moss has decided to make a return to the NFL. This has many wondering if a NFL team will even pick him up, and if so where will he play? For some of us in New England, the answer to that question is the Patriots. Patriots fans out there know that this ownership has never been as obsessed with wide receivers as other teams in the league. If they were, Bill Belichick would probably be sitting next to Matt Millen on ESPN. There are multiple reasons that the Patriots should sign Moss-

  • Randy Moss is the best receiver that the Patriots have given Tom Brady to work with ever. Wes Welker is good, but nowhere near the physical athlete that Moss is. Moss and Brady put up record-breaking numbers together.
  • Moss is the deep threat lacking in the Patriots offense. People think that Gronkowski and Hernandez are good now? Wait till the field is stretched even more and Gronk isn’t getting double covered.
  • Patriots can sign Moss to the veterans minimum and still have plenty of cap room to sign a top free agent wide receiver.
  • Moss says he can still run a sub 4.3 40. At 35 years old, if true, that deserves a contract on its own.
  • Drafting receivers has never worked for the Patriots. (See: Bethel Johnson)
  • Would give the Patriots more receiver depth than they have ever had. Welker, Moss, free agent, Ocho Cinco, Deion Branch

That list of wide receivers brings us to our next problem. Who stays and who goes? Unlike most people, I don’t think that Chad Johnson is going to be cut. His lack of production was due to the offense and peoples big expectations. What did people expect the Patriots to do? They have the best tight end duo in the league so obviously they had to run most of their offense out of a 2 tight end set. Seeing that they ran a majority of their plays out of this 2 tight end set with a running back in the backfield and Welker as one of the receivers, where did people want Johnson to go? You can’t take Welker off the field for obvious reasons, and Brady is more comfortable with Branch. End of story. You can’t blame Chad Johnson for this, not at all. Secondly, Chad Johnson is not a deep threat. He wasn’t even that much of a deep threat when he was with the Bengals. I don’t even know where this notion came from. He is a route running, possession receiver. Most people just looked at his stats when he came to the Patriots and saw that the had a good number of long yardage touchdowns, and that is true. But most of that yardage came from after the catch.

Back to Randy Moss. Could you even imagine the thought of having a legitimate deep threat in Randy Moss paired with the mid field ability of Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski? Add to this the field stretching of Aaron Hernandez and the possession skills of Chad Johnson, if he doesn’t get cut, and you’ve got yourself one of the best offense this decade. Add a top free agent receiver to that, and you’ve got yourself one of the best offenses ever. Plus, does anyone really think that Randy wants to play anywhere other than in New England?

I for one would love to see Randy Moss come out of retirement. Randy Moss with the Patriots was some of the most exciting football I’ve ever seen played.We are talking about the second best receiver to ever play the game. Anyone that says Randy Moss is a “cancer” for a football team is probably someone who had to watch Randy Moss score against their favorite team. Probably double covered, too. Come back to the Patriots Randy, we miss you. Winning solves everything. Straight Cash Homey.