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So the newest reports say that the Celtics now have Rajon Rondo on the trading block and are looking to move him fast. Some Celtics fans may have a problem with this, but in reality this is what needs to happen. Ainge is realizing that the Celts can’t be championship contenders with the lineup they have right now, and he is going to do something about it. The only problem is that Rondo is the only player left on the Celtics who is young enough to have any value in the trade market. If the Celtics ever want to get back to being championship contenders Ainge is going to have to make some hard trades. The bottom line is that Rondo isn’t good for the Celtics. He is immature and has a weak shooting game. His shooting game isn’t a huge problem, because he is a PG, but his immaturity is. If Ainge is going to blow up the Celtics, Rondo and Pierce are where he needs to start.


The answer is no KG. Why would you even ask Craig Sager that question? Of course Craig Sager has never been in a bar fight. If he was ever in a bar fight he might mess up one of those suits he wears. That would be a shame. On another note, why would Craig Sager even ask KG if he believe Doc Rivers that they could get back into the game? Of course KG believes Doc. You know why? Because if they don’t get back into the game and win, KG and Pierce are going to get their asses traded, that’s why.  Craig Sager should put the same amount of time into thinking up questions as he does thinking about suits.

P.S.- Pierce and KG are getting traded. Jesus Shuttlesworth stays.