Now that all the hype from the draft has ended, lets take a look at who the Patriots drafted.

Round 1-

DE- Chandler Jones

LB- Dont’a Hightower

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Round 2-

S- Tavon Wilson

We all knew that there was going to be one pick in the draft where everyone was going to ask what Belichick was thinking. This was that pick. Before the Patriots drafted him, Wilson wasn’t even ranked in the top 300 players in some reports. Wasn’t invited to the combine either. But we all know that Belichick loves players who are multi talented, and this is one of those guys. Good solid tackler with the ability to blitz and play special teams. Should be interesting to see where and how Belichick plays Wilson.

Round 3-

DE- Jake Bequette

A DE who could also see some snaps standing up at OLB. Bequette can rush from either side and is the versatile player that Belichick loves.

Round 6-

S- Nate Ebner

Everyone is talking about Ebner and this video and just watching you can see why. Dude has speed for days and reaches a top gear just about as fast as anyone I’ve ever seen. Anyone who is willing to tackle without pads while playing rugby is good in my book. I don’t know if rugby skills transfer to football skills, but if they do then some NFL players are going to be in trouble. Look for Ebner to be a special teams star for the Patriots.

Round 7-

CB- Alfonzo Dennard

Was projected to be a 2nd round pick until he “allegedly” punched a cop in the face outside a bar. Could be one of the biggest steals of the draft for the Patriots, and will definitely be a big help to a the secondary.

WR- Jeremy Ebert

Not sure how this pick is going to workout. Patriots already more WRs on the roster than I can ever remember them having. Unless Edelman is going to switch to DB for good which I doubt is going to happen, I think that Ebert might end up putting Edelman out of a job. Look for Ebert to be a Welker 3.0.