Are you kidding me Brandon Jacobs? What good is a car that can go 180 mph if you don’t go 180 mph? If anything I would go 180 mph just to lose these two idiots following you and taping. Why are people making a big deal about this anyway? You can literally go to any car show around the country and see something similar to this just without the cops. These guys are just a bunch of people who have money and have no idea how to actually drive. If I’m in a Ferrari, there’s no way that these two in some shitty Mitsubishi are keeping up with me. Absolutely no way. And you could bet your ass that I’m not letting these 2 pass me either. No way. I feel like for what this actually was, it went extremely well. Would people rather have these guys racing down the highway with no police. C’mon. Brandon Jacobs just all around sucks at going fast.

P.S.- I wish that these guys had hit that F430. Would have been the best ending ever to this video.