Wes Welker is now one of three spokesmen for Depends. Yes that’s right, Depends, the diaper for adults. While I don’t have a problem with these three guys doing this commercial, I just think that Depends could have chosen teammates of theirs who would more likely use Depends. Here’s who I think they should have picked-

DeMarcus Ware’s teammate- Tony Romo

Easiest pick of the bunch. Basically just a big baby anyway. Pisses himself in big game situations and I’m pretty sure that once Jessica Simpson left there was nobody to wipe him anymore. Depends just seem like the next step for Romo.


Clay Matthew’s teammate- Jeff Saturday

After so many years of having Peyton up his ass how will Jeff Saturday adjust to his new QB? Better pull on some Depends just in case. We wouldn’t want Aaron Rodgers to have to do his championship belt celebration with dirty hands.


Wes Welker’s teammate- Vince Wilfork

You’re telling me that with every time this man has to go he’s getting up? With all that weight? I think not. You know that Vince bought a XXXL snuggy right after he bought a box of XXXL Depends.