Do the Red Sox management think before they make decisions, or are they just trying to undermine their new manager on purpose? I mean that’s the only explanation that I can think of as to why they invited Terry Francona to Red Sox opening day. Why in the world would you have a more successful manager who you basically fired, come back to the stadium on opening day? In the beginning Francona was against this probably because he didn’t think it would go well for him. Then he sees that Bobby V is making a complete fool out of himself and losing the team and figures, why not? And it played out as well as it could for Francona. He gets a standing ovation, while Bobby V gets booed during the game. Great decision Red Sox management. You thought that last season was a disaster? Wait until we’re not even at the all-star break and Bobby V has lost the whole team and everyone is calling for him to be fired. Then you’ll be wishing that the worst thing that happened this season was that players were eating chicken and drinking beer in the clubhouse.