Does anyone else hope that Andrew Luck’s career in Indianapolis isn’t as great as everybody else thinks it will be? I mean wouldn’t that just be the ultimate kick in the balls for Jim Irsay? Especially is Peyton Manning has a good season and Luck doesn’t. Oh, will it be sweet. That will be exactly what Jim Irsay deserves though. First the whole thing with Peyton Manning, then tweeting all that stupid shit, lately telling every sports news outlet he can find that he doesn’t know if the Colts are going to draft Luck. Now it comes out that the Colts, along with everyone else in the world, have known for weeks that they were going to draft Luck. Does Irsay really think that he was pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes or something? I would actually put money on it that he sends out some tweet today about how the source was wrong and they are still looking at RGIII. Anything to keep his name in the headlines.